This Girl’s Emotional Connect With Jersey Movie Is Totally Spot On !


Contributed by Satya Priya

Why I loved JERSEY (movie)?

A movie is made up of all drama, fantasies, unnatural events and what not? But at the same time a movie is an emotion you carry to your home after you watch it just because it connects to your life or anyone’s life you know. Now I must share what emotion I carried within me after I watched JERSEY movie (starring Nani , shraddha srinadh , satyaraj ).
This movie is all about Cricket , as a non-cricket watcher I felt movie would be only regarding game and struggle which hero does to become a cricketer. Not only me , everyone who entered the cinema hall would have expected the same but the director Gautham Tinnanuri gave us the quote to note that “there is no age limit to achieve your dream”. Yes ! its true to know first what you want to be and a strong reason behind it.

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Here Nani wants to become a cricketer that’s his dream to play for Indian team , but he becomes a player when he saw himself as a hero in his son’s view. Now this strong reason made him achieve what he ended up with in the movie. His story is an inspiration not to just who want to become a cricketer but also to everyone who just dream a dream but don’t wake up to achieve it thinking that its too late now.

You get connected to movie when you have a good company also to watch with…. I had a fantastic company who is a cricket freak and that’s my little brother who is 10 years old passionate about this game and even goes for cricket coaching after his school hours. I don’t know whether he understood the movie or not but I saw a smile on his face and saying me that “I want to become a cricketer”. That shows this movie influenced him in someway and his passion towards cricket gets stronger.


My emotions are now for many things I got connected with……A marriage which stands not only on love , caring & understanding but on the note of pain which makes you stand for each other, as pain makes you realise the value of a person and your responsibility for each other.The relationship of a teacher and a student (coach & player) which stands on believe that failure won’t decide the future but the dedication and talent. The bond you share with your Guru is very special as after parents its his role which vital role in your life and its him who trusts you more than you trusty yourself.

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The relationship of a father and son which stands completely on the connection they share , every child’s real hero will be his/her father but this film defines what being real hero to his child.My respectful bow to Natural star Nani for being so natural in his role that everyone watches Arjun (his character name in movie) not him.Besides that the appreciation fully goes to the director Gautham as he has written Arjun character and made all the emotions alive around him. His vision was visible to us and our emotion will be visible to him through the success of the film.

Its time for you all to watch this movie and express the emotion you feel (not just to express but to impress yourself what you are and what you can be in the eyes of your loved ones. Just remember Every Route Shows Everything You deserve.