This Girl’s Explanation Of Bonding With Her Lady Teacher Is Really Lovely To Read


Contributed by Satya Priya

For any bond it may take few minutes or hours or days but in my life I got to mention those 180 days which made me feel what I was not before.  I’m a lecturer and I owe those 180 mentioned days for only my students, yes! Because they made me feel what a pure love is and how a person can own other in sometime for lifetime. There will be breakups in love relationship , there can be anger in friendship and all but the bond which I shared with students is where no breakup and no anger.

Students may hesitate to come up with doubts or to even to talk, and as we also passed that stage in life, we too know how were we !


One thing I can say now days are changed and no student feels shy or reserved to talk to their mentors and that’s a good sign. I don’t know about much olden days but I could say I was lucky to have wonderful lecturers in my life who guided me for my success path and also were there to support me, when I decided to become a lecturer I was only thinking about how good I can teach and how good I can make students not only in studies but also their personality development as I feel students spend more hours in college than at home so they must know the value of everything they get and also they get back home with lots of learning and come the next day ready to learn again.


Coming back to my bond with my pupils is very special, when I recollect the day1 in college and I was introduced to them ang they to me from that day to today I feel the same love and admiration from them. I can talk about every girl of my classes as each one of them gave me a memory to cherish


College is a place where you have so many emotions like with friends and faculty and the fun they do in campus. For me as a lecturer it was always fun to be around the people younger than you as you feel same like them and also can cherish your own college days. Its not that hard when you are passionate about what you do so teaching was my thing and I was and I’m very comfortable but the point is how your teaching influence on your students to learn and how your teaching so impactful on them not only for career but also to your personal life and if you are successful in that definitely you will be remembered in their life whether after their college they meet you or not. I don’t know whether I’m successful or not but I feel happy that my students were really connected to me and had that freedom to share anything and ask for any advice they need. As I have finished only one year in my teaching profession my success cant be reached as I believe “success is not a destination , it’s a journey” which I’m traveling now.


I can share few important days I had in these 180 days like my very first day as lecturer , yoga day at college (as im a yoga instructor too), first test in class, freshers party, first seminar in class, teachers day- this was the best day in my life as it was like my birthday showered with lots of gifts . I know it would be something taking gifts from younger ones but it was their love which I decorated in my room, whenever I see those things their happy face will be remembered always, then comes cultural events , English fiesta, first rain in college , children’s day (this was again a important day because I planned something very memorable to my students and that is White Tshirts with college name on it as they can take messages from friends and anyone they wish on that with marker and college days would be remembered and lastly ends with farewell party which would be toughest and emotional to the final year students.


It was recreating and recollecting memories for me of my college days with this generation. I didn’t expect when I leave college not only I take experience but also 200 students hearts <3. Yes! I left my college where I was a student and also worked as lecturer, tears rolled down as it was bitter truth to accept. You all may get a doubt all have this kind of situation in their when they leave their previous job and join the new one and also who gets transfers from one city to another so what’s the thing to feel so emotional , that’s how I differentiate my job with others, yes its true that its routine in one’s life but in my job I see the attachment , affection & love which makes this bond so special and unique. And its also true that students will pass out and leave the college but the lecturers gets the bond with every class they teach that’s how it becomes so emotional for me to leave and go to another college.


When I got the messages from my students not to leave the college , they also knew that they won’t b forever in college but they need till they are!

As Shakespeare said “show must go on…” life moves on and we get connected with new people around us.

But never forget the people with whom you had connection as being in contact is common now a days but being connected is what difficult and we wont get so easily connected with anyone.

I got the best connection with my students which I never forget in life and I will be in contact with them always whenever they need me.


On this note I want to say to everyone that in your life also there must be a teacher who changed your perspective about life and also because of whom you are this way today😊 so its never too late to thank your teacher for teaching you the best lessons of life and also try to be in contact with your teachers and help them if they are in any need of help. You never know how they are today and also the happiness they get by seeing you after many years and also just you remembered them they feel so happy trust me it’s true as in just 180 days I felt that warmth from my students that they love me so much and they remember me😊

Parents are our first Gurus later we get that Guru in life who teaches us how to behave even with parents. I respect all those who chose this profession and giving life to all other professions.