This Girl’s Perception On Turning 25 Is An Eye Opener To Many

Contributed by Satya Priya

Everyone life has a journey which starts as soon they are born, As a girl I have a journey to talk about before and after 25 years of age. Yes! Im a very ambitious girl who got the every opportunity to enjoy in life starts from first birthday celebration to 25 th. I’m the only daughter to my parents so obviously very pampered child I’m. whatever the social or financial status might be few norms always roll around a girl, like to be very calm, sensitive , submissive & polite.

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As every human being I also started dreaming about my career and interest and must say that I’m lucky to have such parents who encouraged me in my
path of learning and also achieving what I want. When I changed my goal from IAS to a lecturer then also my parents supported for that and stood by me. Today I might have not reached to their expectations but the love they shower on me never changes may be that’s the bond a very special bond we share with our parents. As im very pampered child my life is so easy like I got whatever I wished for like mobile, dresses all the comforts, so I didn’t face few things in life that make me actually cautious what life is, but thanks to those who changed my mindset of being very filmy or living in a fairytale dreams.


Always there will be few people in our life who makes us learn what life is and they teach us a good lessons of life. My parents gave me all the best things in life, but those people made me realise the value of tears, fear and changed my perception of surviving. In these 25 years of life very hard to judge my life but there are few events which made me matured and also practical.
Being childish, innocent and happy go girl was my life style in past, today also I don’t leave those qualities of my character but at present I know where I should be funny or childish.
Now I’m professionally growing and personally I crossed that age where every parent worry starts…… haha you might have guessed it already what I’m talking about! Yes , you are right it’s about wedding now. Why a girl should get married at this age? Why 25 number looks so big that all the relatives look at me and point out now its your time to get married!
Ok fine, wedding is a very beautiful and important event in life I agree to that and I will get married also. But why this age gives so much alertness ?


There are many points my mum started with when I asked her why I should get married just because I crossed 25, and few points made me think also that its true to get married now so that will have some years of time to cherish and understand your partner and then you will be ready to produce the next generation too! Woh woh wait wait see I started writing about my future children also , that’s what people around you make you feel that you should get married soon. Mentally im also prepared I guess that soon wedding bells gonna ring in my house. Apart from this marriage topic few other things also beats my head that as I mentioned earlier im the only daughter to my parents , if im 25 they also grow more older right ! they should live alone , I will be married and how my partner and his family will be I don’t know! Why I grown up so soon I think now, I was happy being child playing with my dad and getting feeds from mumma and enjoying to the fullest.

If you all have watched “nuvvu naaku nacchav” movie , in that my favourite
part was actress Suhasini dialogues about girl’s life how it changes after
True! Life wont be as same as I’m living now, I wont say it turns out bad or worst may be I will be more happy after wedding but I’m underlining the point it won’t be same as I’m now. I enjoyed my 25 th birthday with my dear family and friends, It was like celebrating the 1 st birthday as my dad throwed a big lunch party to whole family may be thinking that his daughter (me) wont be with him next year ☹

nuvvu naku nachav

This birthday got more special because of one more reason that I’m learning car driving and soon my dad gonna gift me a car. In this happy moment also I realised that again im 25! How you thinking ? let
me tell.

This morning when me and dad sharing about new car purchase with mumma she gave a shocking reaction! I didn’t get why did she react like that ? then she says “if you buy a car for yourself and drive, when matches will b seen for you-demand will be more and they think so much money we have!


Now the shocking reaction was at my side, oh god ! if drive my won car all these happens ? lol now seriously I got blank and tried to come out of it and smiled Whatever it is fact is I’m 25 ! and my life is happy and I wont leave any chance of being happy as we are only responsible for our own happiness but one thing to be remembered is to b happy no need to make anybody sad , happiness is not always doing for self but for those who loves us and to whom we love! Now being filmy , I dream about my partner and how he is going to handle this 25 years old soul full of package


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