This ‘Heart Behind Action’ Video Of Rohit Shetty’s Stuntmen Will Move You

Rohit Shetty Dilwale

They risk their lives for your entertainment, yet you hardly get to see them. They have no insurance. All that breaks on the screen is mostly on their backs, shoulders or heads. By throwing themselves , they elevate the heroic acts of our heroes. We hardly know their names; we never get to see them. They are the real heroes behind our screen heroes, they are the stuntmen! With Dilwale coming up in a few days, Rohit Shetty, known for his flying cars and magnum opus car stunt sequences, has come out with a video ‘Heart Behind Action’.

Giving us an insight into the planning of action sequences and the emotional turbulence they go through, this video will warm your heart and as well as feel sorry for them. We are not sure how the movie would turn out to be, but this gesture by Rohit showing us his stuntmen definitely gives you a pleasant feeling by the time you are done watching it.

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