‘This Is My Body And I’m Proud Of It’ – Parineeti Chopra


Everyone has their own apprehensions while carrying out themselves in the society. Some of us shy away and stay reserved; some take on those inhibitions head on and emerge stronger. Parineeti Chopra, who was discovered by the YRF camp, was voluptuous and charming. Somewhere deep within, there was a positive vibe that she is girl of substance. She also proved it with her movies. But, what was stopping her? The same body?

With her latest photoshoot #BuiltThatWay, Parineeti has spoken out loud that she is a stronger and confident girl. She conveyed that all one needs is self-confidence to be a stronger individual. After working out extensively for 9 months, this is what she looks like. These images just don’t speak about her hotness, they convey that one needs to look up at yourself and stay confident within to overcome those inhibitions that come in your way.