This man will give you a small yet powerful lesson on kindness!


How many of us, consider helping a wounded one or an animal in distress lying beside the roads? Very few right? We ignore, though we have a chance to help these helpless creatures. May be because were busy and mostly because of the indifference. Shame on us, after seeing this video.

Nadeem Khan, from Bharatpur, Rajasthan is one such inspirational guy. He, without a second thought has plunged into a well to save a peacock, which fell accidentally into 80 feet water and was struggling to come out. The difference is, he’s not a regular privileged guy like hundreds of others standing near the well and watching/shooting the scene, he is infected in both the legs with polio! It’s not his disability but the will to save the poor creature from drowning. He caught hold of the bird with both the disabled legs and swam across to the shore pulling it. The bird was sent to Apna Ghar Jeev Seva Sadan in Bharatpur for treatment and is recovering well.

It’s not about how you are and the situation you’re in, it is about your intention to help. These guys like Nadeem Khan, through small acts of kindness should inspire you about being human.