This Mumbai Hotel Will Fine You For Wasting Sambhar!

It is common to find people wasting some food in hotels. You paid for it, so you get to decide what and how much you want to eat, right?


If you happen to be eating at the Udipi Idli House, you better be careful about your leftover sambhar. In fact, we’d suggest you drink it all up.This hotel in Matunga, Mumbai has been in the news for charging its customers if they happen to leave some leftover sambhar while having their food.

The hotel, that is quite famous for its south Indian delicacies, charges customers an additional 13 rupees from customers who leave sambhar and rasam. The proprietors have cited rising prices of commodities for the reason. The decision has met with good response, and their customers are now thinking twice before ordering anything extra!

It’s time other hotels started this too!!

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