This Summer Vacation You Need To Watch These Films For The Child In You..!!

While struggling through the confinement of office walls my eyes went out to the kid’s playing in the rain merrily. Immediately my mind flash-backed in a fultoo filmy style to those formative years when month of May signified summer vacation that uninhibited enjoyment. As kid also I used to be an avid cine-lover making me realize we seldom had good hindi films in 90s which had kid as the protagonist. Even the way kids were portrayed in mainstream Hindi films were annoying and Bollywood should be thrown out of the class for the same. Last few years did show an evolving pattern in terms of narrative and characterization and with this changing milieu in cinema child actors are getting proper space and deserving role in Hindi cinema.

Here are 10 hindi films of this new millennium that demand your attention providing wholesome entertainment with camouflaged message for all ages.

Here’s 5 of them in the part-1 of the article:-


3The supremely talented director Vishal Bhardwaj who is known for his dark films and Shakespearean adaptations actually made his directorial debut with this fantasy film about a witch in a haunted house set in rural India and how little Munni solves the mystery unknowingly. It is a sweet honest film which entertains and thrills with a twist in the end. The film also hits against superstitions and prompts one to be rational in one’s through process.

The Return of Hanuman

4Did you all know that Anurag Kashyap actually made this film which went unnoticed because of under-promotion? This talented director tried his hands with Hanuman franchise and mixed modernity with mythology dishing out a layered film. Honestly this 2nd weakest film (after Bombay velvet) of this exemplary director but still turns out to be a decent watch.

Blue Umbrella

1Again another Vishal Bhardwaj film and this time an adaptation of Ruskin Bond’s short story of is a treat to your visual senses thanks to Sachin Krishn’s awesome cinematography. The movie itself has many layers camouflaged within a sweet tale of sly Nandu and his desperate means to snatch away little Biniya’s precious possession – the cute blue dotted umbrella.Watch out for Pankaj Kapoor’s effortless act and Shreya Sharma’s innocence coupled with Bhardwaj’s proficient execution.

I am Kalaam

This award winning film funded by NGO is must watch for everyone. The film tells the story of a village boy working in a 2small Tea stall and his dream to be like our then-President APJ Abdul Kalaam. Movie sends a strong message against Child Labour & right to child education.. The end might seem to be fantasy for Chotu but there are numerous NGOs working on ground level to fulfill dreams of all such Chotus of our country. The film is also a testimony to class-divide and true friendship which is beyond any human barriers. The film boast of some fine acting and good direction. Don’t miss bad-man Gulshan Grover as a man with a golden heart who wants to help Chotu to fulfil his dreams.

Stanley Ka Dabba

5Amol Gupte’s directorial debut is a unique tale of optimism and hope amidst adversities. The character of Stanley symbolises hope and positivity while is Khadoos teacher symbolises all such grown-up Stanleys whose childhood were devoid of love. The movie takes its own space, gradually letting you involved with Stanley’s world. Another film against child labour this one is treated in a more artistic way and might appear slow to some set of audiences. Partho neuman as Stanley is a brilliant child actor. Amol Gupte as Khadoos teacher eyeing for Stanley’s dabba did a great job. (Btw Amol Gupte was the writer fo Taare Zameen Par and was slated to direct the film before Aamir took up the role)

….. So guys go ahead and complete watching this list as we bring to you the rest five names on Sunday (watch

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