This Telugu Taxi Driver’s Live Scoreboard On His Taxi Is A True Example Of ‘Cricket Is Life’ For Indians


Cricket is a religion for Indians, yes mana Indians ki cricket anedi oka religion tho samanam aithe, a cricket aade players Gods tho samanam. Diniki example kavali ante present jaruguthunna eh Indian Premier League eh oka pedda example.

1 - ipl

IPL is not the reason behind why cricket is Religion, Life and Everything for us. But before that only Kapil dev, Sachin Tendulkar, Dhoni ilanti cricket legends endaro valla game tho religion ga marchesaru. Ika IPL punyama ani ee cricket fever kastha inkonchem ekkuva aipoindi.

2 - players

Ika ippudu ee cricket fever ki addam patte la mana telugu taxi driver tana taxi ad board mida IPL live score project cheyadam is winning hearts by cricket lovers all over. Office aipogane match chudadam kosam parigetthe time lo konchem aipotundi. Ee gap lo Dhoni, score entha? SRH score entha? Ani chesukune cult cricket fans endaru leru chepandi.

3 - ipl fans

Anduke ilanti cult fans kosam ee taxi driver tana taxi board lo IPL live scores ivadam start chesadu. Ee pic kastha International Cricket Counsil (ICC) vallu kuda ‘When Life Is cricket’ ani twitter lo share cheyadam tho other netizens kuda share cheyadam tho social media lo chala viral avtundi.

4 - ipl fans