This Temple in Kadapa is just the ‘Secular India’ we always wanted to see


We learned in school that India is Secular country. But, when we watch some news or read some news articles in papers and magazine, somewhere a thought pinches us bitterly if our country is really secular. Is being secular possible for 100% of the population. Take a look at this culture in the city of Kadapa and it will warm your heart.kadapa

There is a peculiar feature about the temple of Sri Lakshmi Venkateswara Swamy temple at Devunikadapa. The Muslims of Kadapa consider Lord Venkateshwara as their relative, son-in-law for him marrying Bibi Nancharamma and pay a visit to his temple every Ugadi. They offer their token of prayers and prasadam made of neem flowers, jaggery, tamarind, sugarcane etc, something similar to the Ugadi Pachadi.kadapa

This age-old tradition has been followed in this city for decades symbolizes communal amity in Kadapa. Let’s spread this word and make a note that religion is something we have created only for identification of an individual and it has got nothing to do with your heart and soul.