This Winter, Grow Your Favourite Carrot At Home & Lead A Healthy Lifestyle

Carrots are best grown during winters and if you have read the previous articles I’ve mentioned that consuming root or underground vegetables during winter is the best. If you’ve ever watched Looney Tunes then by now you would have guessed what I am going to say, yes, the cute Bucks Bunny who only eats carrots and trust me the way he eats them, the color and everything is just so appealing that makes us drool all over. If you want to grow carrots the best time is winter when there’s snow and if you don’t have snow then try with fake snow that is organic enough. When these carrots are kissed by this frost (snow) they sweeten up and of course, you have them fresh and try to keep it as organic as possible because then you know what carrots exactly taste like.

Okay, now let’s talk about the health benefits of these winter carrots

– If you have a bad eyesight or if your eyesight isn’t normal, eat carrots people! It has vitamin A that will help you to maintain your eyesight or probably make it better.
– If you’re lazy to use toothpicks the neat carrots. It helps you to get rid of the food stuck between your teeth and stimulates the saliva in your mouth because saliva keeps the acid levels balanced in your mouth.
– Carrot is a detox vegetable and detoxification helps your liver to function normally. So, drink and then eat carrots.
– For all the women out there who are young from the inside but think their age is visible on their skin, simply eat carrots because this vegetable helps to reduce your aging process and rejuvenates the skin.
– During winter our skin gets dry quickly and if you want to keep your skin moist, consume carrots as it reduces the potassium levels in the body that lead to moist skin.

Here is list of the types of carrots that could be your favorite type:

Danvers Carrots

Carrot And Lead A Healthy

Danvers is best grown when it snowy and as you take a bite you’ll know that they are crispy and satisfies those who love to chew on crispy food items. The Orange roots of these carrots grow about 4 centimeters and have appointed end. It has high fiber compared to any other carrot variety. These can be best grown in heavier soils, it’s easy to store them as it can be canned and frozen.

Nantes Carrots

Carrot And Lead A Healthy

This carrots has history and goes back to the ’80s but I think it’s a bit boring. These carrots have a very mild flavor and is sweet, it has a very smooth skin and has nearly a perfect cylindrical root also the top is similar to the bottom. Remember I mentioned about the Bucks Bunny carrot? This carrot looks a bit similar to the carrot he eats and these carrots are known for their sweetness, though its smooth on the outside, it is crispy on the inside.

Imperator Carrots

Carrot And Lead A Healthy

According to this person named Henry, these carrots have the most desirable combo of splendid qualities and appearance (Like a man every woman dreams of, never mind). The roots of Imperator carrots grow up to 7 to 8 inches long and it is broad on the top and gradually becomes like a time taproot. As this body of this carrots is not so huge, they are easy to grow and harvest.

Chantenay Carrots

Carrot And Lead A Healthy

These carrots are grown heavily in a bulk as it does not talk a lot of time to grow until they are edible. This a one of the carrot that is versatile in nature and is a favorite to most of the carrot lovers. This carrot looks tiny, in the sense, it is short and stout with its flesh being in light orange color and the cores are orange-red. These carrots take 65 to 70 days to mature and are 10 to 12 centimeters long from which the roots are 5 to 6.4 centimeters long. Even these carrots can be canned and frozen.

Ball (or Mini) Carrots

Carrot And Lead A Healthy

If you think Chantenay carrots are the tiniest and cutest then this carrot is on top of the list, it looks like a small ball as the name says it all but it is roughly round in shape. These carrots are also known as round baby carrots. These baby carrots are crispy and sweet, it has a pumpkin colored orange skin and the roots are as thin as a thread.

Hope this article has enlightened you enough and has motived you to consume carrots. So, choose your favorite carrot and live a healthy lifestyle like the Bucks Bunny!
See Ya!

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