These Morning Drinks That May Help Your Health


Mee mornings regular ga tea inka coffee tho start avuthai aa? Aythey mee morning drinks ni ee 3 special healthy drinks tho replace cheyandi.

morning drinksGinger water (Aalam water):

morning drinks Ginger lo chala medical properties untai. Roju moring hot ginger water ni thaguthey body lo unna impurities ni thaginchi , body weight loss ki help chesthundi. Ginger water yela cheskovali ani anukuntunara ? Two cups water lo 2 inch peice ginger ni grate chesi baga boil cheyali, boil ayna ginger water ni honey inka nimakaya juice tho thaguthey chala manchidi.

Apple cider vinegar with hot water: morning drinksDigestion problems unna vallaki ee drink chala help avuthundi. One tablespoon apple cider vinegar ni oka glass vedi water lo mix chesi roju morning empty stomach tho thagali.

Coconut water:morning drinks Coconut water ni potassium inka mineral rice drink antaru, mornings coconut water ni thaguthey body ni hydrate ga unchuthundi.

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