Shocking!! Few Guys Burnt Three Puppies Alive And Another Shot A Dog Dead In Hyderabad. Now, Who Are The Animals??


It’s not passed even a month where two MBBS students in Chennai threw a dog off the rooftop and this time these young boys in Hyderabad burnt three innocent puppies alive and even had the audacity to film it on their mobile phones.

The incident reportedly happened on July 16 but came to light on Wednesday after an animal rights activist approached the police with a video clip of the gruesome act. Eight juveniles have been detained.

Shreya Paropkari, cruelty response manager of Humane Society International (HSI), lodged a complaint at Musheerabad police station along with the nearly three-minute-long video, which shows six youngsters burning the puppies alive in an open land. The pups, shrieking and frightened, try to run away from the bonfire, but shockingly, the teenagers are seen shoving them back into the fire with sticks.

Preliminary investigation by the police revealed that the incident occurred at Wazir graveyard, Musheerabad. Sources said the offenders are residents of Pathan Basti in Musheerabad. “We have registered a case and action will be taken soon,” Musheerabad subinspector B Ravi Kumar Reddy told TOI. Police have registered a case under Section 429 (mischief by killing or maiming an animal) of the IPC and section 11 (1) (L) of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act.

In another unfortunate incident, a man shot a dog dead with his rifle which seems to be inside his property premises. Street dogs might create a mess, like any of your neighbour, but that shouldn’t lead you to shoot them down dead. There is a manner in which you are supposed to behave. Grow up!!

Now where does this problem lie? Is it because of the improper guidance at school or careless upbringing by the parents. Or are they just some psychopaths? The issue here more than killing animals is about the insensitive and brutal behaviour these youngsters showed towards a living creature. It is not about eating chicken or mutton, it is about having some heart with compassion.

We just hope to spread some awareness about compassion, the least effort any human can put to inculcate it.