Times When K Vishwanath Proved His Mettle With Acting As Well


We know the contribution made by Kala Tapaswi K Vishwanath to not just Telugu cinema but to the National cinema as a whole. His movies were not just the routine commercial sorts, they had a voice. A voice that spoke about art, social issues, family bonds and gave great importance to literature through his songs and dialogues.

If that wasn’t enough, Vishwanath later ventured into acting and gained this fame of a golden leg. Being a director, acting was not a new genre for him. Here let us take a look at those roles that Vishwanath portrayed and have had an impact even till date.

Shuba Sankalpam

Shuba Sankalpam

Apart from directing this movie for which he even won the Filmfare award, Vishwanath also acted as Rayudu as Kamal Haasan’s Guru.

Narasimha Naidu


Playing the role of Narasimha Naidu’s father, Raghupathi Naidu who is a peace lover and also a guide to his son, Narasihma Naidu who sacrifices his son for the welfare of the village he wants to protect.



As an orthodox family head, Vishwanath in this film showed that sternness as well as the soft granpa he can be through just a few of his gestures.

Nee Sneham

Nee sneham

As a caring grandpa of his grand daughter, this was a subtle role Vishwanath portrayed very well.

Kalisundam Raa..!

Kalisundam Raa

One of the first times we saw him on screen, Kalisundam raa..  will always hold an important place with Vishwanath’s character.

Aaduvariki Maatalaku Arthale Verule


As a strict family head, Vishwanath in this one was his usual self. Just so apt!



An unexpected role of a CBI head officer, Vishwanath in Athadu only showed that he is also versatile.


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