Tips for a healthy heart on world heart day


Mana body lo main organ heart. Adi healthy ga unte manamu healthy ga untamu,ee fact andariki telisindi. Ayte healthy heart kosam mana life style lo konni changes cheskovali, read them below :

1.Quit smoking.image

2.Take a 20-minute walk.morning-walk-longer-life-in-20-minutes

3.Cut out soft drinks.image (1)

4.Have a healthy breakfast.image (2)

5.Have a handful of nuts everyday.image (3)

6.Breathe deeply.image (4)

7.Don’t stress yourself.image (5)

8.Cut down on saturated fat.image (6)

9.Manage your Weightcs-type-2-diabetes-manage-weight-insulin-722x406

10.Eat more fiber.image (8)

11.Monitor your alcohol.11

12.Be positive and enjoy life.image (9)