Tired Of Seeing Bananas Get Over Riped? Here Are 7 Ways To Use Them!


Bananas sure make it very high in our list of favourite fruits. They are easily available, inexpensive, come neatly and safely packaged. They are also pretty much available everywhere, right from supermarkets to street markets. But the problem which is often found in bananas is that they go over ripe quite soon from ripe ones. And, often we end up throwing the over ripe bananas.
But, you do not have to anymore. They are just over ripe not spoiled. You can still use them in several ways. Peeled, grated, mushed, sliced, they can be used in several dishes. Here are 7 ways to use over-ripe bananas in your food.

1.Whipped Banana Oatmeal

1 Over Ripe BananasDon’t we all just love eating Oatmeal for breakfasts? If you do too, then you can use over ripe bananas to make your food more interesting. All you have to do is, thinly slice your bananas and add it to your oatmeal when it is cooking. This gives your dish, a whipped cream kind of consistency.

2.Green Smoothie

2 Over Ripe BananasSmoothies are taking place as everyday foods now. They are nutritious, tasty and super easy to make. Especially for those who love to exercise every day, smoothies are an essential. Green smoothies are usually made with Kale, Spinach or Avocadoes. Freeze your bananas and add them to these ingredients and we promise you will continue adding bananas to your smoothies.

3.Banana Bread

3 Over Ripe BananasBread we all have heard and we eat them almost regularly. Them, what is Banana bread? It is simple, bread made with bananas. Add bananas while your whisking your flour and eggs and your bread will turn extremely rich and delicious.

4.Banana Smoothies

4 Over Ripe BananasBanana smoothies are rich in flavour and are also super healthy. Freeze the over-ripe bananas and blend them with almond milk and peanut butter and you have a glorious glass full of delicious Banana smoothie. This is the easiest way to use ripe bananas.

5.Banana Bajji/Fritters

5 Over Ripe BananasBanana Bajji is a very famous snack in the southern part of the country. Bananas are deep fried in batter along with some masalas and fennel seeds. This easy recipe is loved by everyone and there is nothing better than these as evening snacks.

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