6 Tollywood Celebs who have their own YouTube Channel


We have seen many common people becoming stars with YouTube. Kani entho mandi celebrities kuda YouTube lo channel start chestunaru. This is because YouTube has become a medium to express oneself. It turned into a platform to showcase one’s thoughts, feelings, emotions and talent. Let’s look at some of the famous Telugu personalities who have their own YouTube channel.

1.Suma Kanakalayoutube channel

Suma and Rajeev kalisi ‘ The Jujubi Tv’ ane channel start chesaru about 6 months back. Idi totally oka entertainment channel. Suma is the promoter for this channel. Valla programs lo chala popular inavi ‘Taagubothulu Vs Pellams’, ‘Life of husband’, ‘Dad Vs Daughter’. As of now, this channel has over 35K subscribers.

2.Chinamyi Sripradayoutube channel

Singer and dubbing artist ga manaki Chinmayi baga telsu. Tanaki sink care and makeup ante entha estamo YouTube lo tana perutho unna channel chuste ardam avtadi. She takes lot of care about her skin and is a great fan of Korean beauty products. Skin care routine, Product reviews, makeup tips and occasional ga konni general informative videos like rainwater harvesting and pet care related vi kuda post chestu untundi. She currently has over 26K subscribers.

3.L.B Sriramyoutube channel

We know him as a comedian and character artist. Kani ayana manchi writer kuda. He too has a YouTube channel on his name. E channel lo he’art’ films ane series tho he is working on short films. Life is beautiful creations ane banner is producing them. L.B Sriram says, he written over 1000 stories and vati annitini he wants to portray in the form of short films. All these scripts are based on our traditions, culture, lifestyle, god and latest trends. Baga popular ina shorts films are ‘Panduga’, ‘Gangireddhu’, ‘Ummadi Kutumbam’, ‘Breakup’. At present e channel, ki nearly 42K subscribers unaru.

4.Paruchuri Gopalakrishnayoutube channel

Paruchuri brothers duo gurinchi mana andariki telisinde. Enno movies ki script and dialogues andincharu. They have worked with numerous artists and technicians. Valla inni years experience share cheskodaniki on various topics regarding movies, Paruchuri Gopalakrishna garu started a YouTube channel on his name. Indulo he gives tips , tutorials on technical aspects of script writing and also provides reviews on films. He also shares his experiences and memories working with big stars and films. He currently nearly 41K subscribers.

5.Ashmita Karnaniyoutube channel

Daily serial artist ga Ashmita entertained us a lot. She is a big fitness freak. So to share useful workouts, beauty care and makeup tips she started a YouTube channel named ‘Ashtrixx’. Idi Telugu channel. As of now she has over 20K subscribers.

6.Tammareddy Bharadwaja6 - tamma

We know him as a director and producer. Ayanana edi ina chala frank and mukkusootiga matladataru. Movies and politics gurinchi tana views share cheskodanki he started a YouTube channel on his name. He posts videos on his opinions on trending state and national political issues, movies. He currently has nearly 68K subscriber base.