We Have Imagined Our Tollywood Stars As Avengers & The Result Is Astounding

Avengers Infinity war ivala release ayyi Blockbuster talk tho indian releases ni kuda beat chestundi. Anduke okavela mana tollywood stars ganuka Avengers characters play chesthe ela untundi ane alochanaki Photoshop help teesukuni design cheyaga vachina result idi.
These character pics are not just designed by their physics appearance but also according to their personal behaviour and character.
So without giving any drastic comments and shitty ideas plz enjoy the morphed pics which really consumed big time of our designer Durga sai.

Chiranjeevi – Thor


Venkatesh – Captain America

Tollywood Stars Compared To Avengers Heroes

Rana – Thanos

ThanosPawan Kalyan -Iron Man

Iron ManMahesh Babu – Starlord

star lordNTR – Black Panther

Black PantherPrabhas – Doctor Strange

Doctor StrangeBalakrishna – Hulk

HulkShruti Haasan – Gamora

GamoraTamannah – Black Widow

Black WidowAkhil – Spider Man

SpidermanNani – Ant Man

Ant Man

Samantha – Captain Marvel

Tollywood Stars Compared To Avengers Heroes

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