These Mind Blowing Edits Of Our Tollywood Stars In Hollywood Movie Posters Are Dope AF

FB lo rojuki entho time spend chestuntam, ee corona times lo inkonchem ekkuva time ye spend chestunnam, daniki main reason FB pages lo vese memes ane cheppali, aa memes entho relief istai manaki but appudu appudu manchi crazy content taguldi FB lo manaki ‘abba yem chesaru raa veelu, shabaash’ anali anipistadi. Telugu Swag ane page mana tollywood stars pai chesina crazy edits chuste ilane anali anipistundi. So, why late Telugu Swag chesina whistle podu edits mee kosam…

Credits: Telugu Swag

1) Chiru – Nag – Sridevi In Once Upon A Time In Tollywood

Fb Img 15956787936332) NBK In Taken

Fb Img 15956787096083) Venky Mama As Indiana Jones

Fb Img 15956787458914) Chiranjeevi’s Mad Max

Fb Img 15956787977825) Powerstar In & As The Wolverine

Fb Img 15956787153426) Mahesh As John Wick

Fb Img 15956787633667) Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao’s Rampage

Fb Img 15956787690148) Rebel Star As The King In The North In GOT

Fb Img 15956787004799) Cherry In & As Rambo

Fb Img 159567871269110) Kajal – Wonder Woman

Fb Img 159567870723911) Rakul In Pulp Fiction

Fb Img 159567874023812) Tamanna’s Tomb Raider

Fb Img 159567876025413) Sharwa & Nithya In La La Land

Fb Img 159567877580014) Anushka The Khaleesi On The Throne – GOT

Fb Img 159567870361015) Stylish Star’s Jumanji

Fb Img 159567872617316) VD’s Jurassic Park

Fb Img 159567875541417) Nani’s Venom

Fb Img 159567873535618) Rebel Star In Mission: Impossible Fallout

Fb Img 1595678729796

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