Things you relate to if you are a tomboy among your cousins


One should accept that some of girls grew up with lot of brothers during childhood and turned into tom boy. They all have experienced this particular phase during the early stages of their lives. Let’s check out the things you relate to if you grew up as a tom boy.

1. You have wardrobe full of guy clothes1tomboyYou feel more comfortable in wearing guy clothes than skirts or kurtis.

2. You love to have short hair2tomboyUnlike other girls you love to have short hair and it is a difficult task to maintain long hair.

3. You have more guy friends than girls3tomboyMost of your friends are guys and you would love to spend time with them rather than indulging in talks with your girls.

4. You hate wearing high heels and dress up like a girl4tomboyYou feel like your feet are being tortured whenever you would wear heels. It is a herculean task for you to transform into a desi girl avatar.

5. Your hobbies and interests more like boys5tomboyYou love to watch a cricket match instead of spending time at beauty parlour.

6. You love being called one of the boys6tomboySince you consider yourself as a boy, you love hanging out with your male friends even if you would be the only girl with them because you feel more comfortable with them.

7. Your parents always compare you with your cousins7tomboyYour​ parents keep on telling you to be like one of your Sanskari cousin.