Top 10 Best Beer Brands in India

India is known for having a huge-loving beer population that drinks a vast amount of alcoholic lager every day. India has some of the best-selling international beers that have incredibly captured the Indian market. As per some reports, it is predicted that India will be the largest beer consumer in the world. We have listed down the top 10 best beer brands in India which have been popular among a vast majority of the country’s youth.

List of Top 10 Best Beer Brands in India

1. Kingfisher 


One of the most loved beer brands in India is Kingfisher. It is a best-selling beer brand with commanding market dominance. The beer’s collection has both lighter beers, including Kingfisher Lager and Kingfisher Premium along with beers like Kingfisher Super and Extreme Max with a higher alcohol volume. Kingfisher is highly popular for its abundant malt and light, refreshing taste. The King of Good time is manufactured by United Breweries Group led by Vijay Mallya and it is the most exported beer in India. 

2. Royal Challenge 

Royal Challenge 

The second-most popular and the best beer brand in India is Royal Challenge. Royal Challenge Beer is brewed for a longer time which renders it an extra, full-bodied taste. Royal Challenge – “brewed stronger, brewed better” is the second largest selling mild beer in India. This beer brand is highly popular in Uttar Pradesh, Odisha, and Andhra Pradesh. This beer is especially for those people who prefer unique preferences.

3. Carlsberg 


The third-most popular and best beer brand in India is Carlsberg. Carlsberg beer is known to be the finest among a portfolio of over 500 brands belonging to Carlsberg. This beer brand has several names such as Carlsberg Lager, Carlsberg Beer, and Carlsberg Pilsner. This Danish Pilsner has been one of India’s favorites in the last few years. 

4. Budweiser 


Did you know that a Brazilian-Belgian company first manufactured this large beer in 1876 with a combination of Rice and Barley Malt and has been the most loved beer of all time ever since. It is considered one of the most popular and best beer brands in India. It is highly known for its unique taste and color. 

5. Tuborg 


This is one of the most familiar Beer brands in India. Tuborg is undoubtedly yet another best beer brand in India. It has successfully secured its position as one of the top beers in India since its entry in India in the year 2007. Tuborg Green and Tuborg Strong are 2 popular selling sub-products. Also, Tuborg Red is brewed only once a year to celebrate the company’s anniversary. 

6. Foster’s 


Foster’s is one of the largest-selling Australian beer brands in the world and is also quite popular in India when it comes to market share. Foster’s has been successful in making its name among India’s urban population for its incredible taste and awesome branding. Foster is a simple beer with an elegant taste at the endnote and marginally hop resentment.

7. Corona 


Corona is yet another most popular and considered the best beer in India. Although the name of the global pandemic and constant memes, The beer Corona has attained the privilege of being one of India’s greatest-selling beer brands in India. Corona is one of the beer brands that have a stronghold in Markets of over 170 countries. 

8. Heineken 


Heineken Lager Beer has a bitter taste than most internationally produced lager beers. This beer has been a world leader among Beer manufacturers since 1873. It is one of the best-selling beers in India which is usually sold in Pint as well as Larger bottles. This beer is mild with just 5% alcohol when compared to other brands which have up to 8%. 

9. Haywards 5000 

Haywards 5000 

The ninth-most famous and the best beer in India is Haywards 5000. This beer is widely regarded for its popular and tough-hitting Haywards 5000 strong beer including 7% alcohol. Haywards maintains a revenue share of almost 11% and holds its popularity mainly in Central and Western India. In states such as Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan, and Chhattisgarh, it is a top-selling beer. 

10. Godfather 

Godfather As the name suggests, Godfather is indeed the godfather of all Indian beers when it comes to savoring the best of Lager. This is one of the best-selling beers in India and is highly popular in the Northern Part of India. This beer is known for its smooth and full-bodied flavor. On top of this, The brand claims that its super 8 variant is “India’s stronger beer with the smoothness of Malt and a kick of revitalizing the strength”.

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