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Top 10 Best International Schools in Bangalore


School, a place where your child’s second education begins. Every parent wants their child to be imparted with value-added education and instill ethical and moral values in them. To make their wishes come true, many schools follow such a path. Here, in this article, We have shortlisted some of the best international schools in Bangalore that will give your children an opportunity to excel and explore.

List of Best International Schools In Bangalore

  • The International School Bangalore-

The International school Bangalore has students from around the world. This school delivers an international quality education.  Everything at this school is technology-driven to ensure that children are aware of what’s happening around them. The International School Bangalore prepares students for a fruitful career anywhere in the world through its pragmatic teaching methodologies. The school has world-class infrastructure and facilities and it is accredited by the CIE and IGCSE boards. For the pre-primary and middle class, the school follows the National Curriculum of England. For classes 9th and 10th, the school follows the IGCSE curriculum, and classes 11th and 12th have the option of IB Diploma Program. The school has excellent infrastructure and facilities like Library, amphitheater, science laboratories, convention center, arts and crafts studio, music and dance studio, medical care, pick and drop facility, and many more.

  • Neev Academy-

The second school that tops the list of “The Best International Schools in Bangalore is Neev Academy”. Neev Academy was first established in Indiranagar in 2005 and has multiple branches today. This school provides a unique learning experience to its students. The Neev Academy is an IB continuum school offering the Primary Years Program, Middle Years Program, and The Diploma Program. It has awesome facilities like Libraries, computer labs, visual and performing arts, swimming pools, etc.

  • Oasis International School-

Oasis International Schools is a non-profit institution that is managed by the Isra trust. The school follows the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) Curriculum for the primary level students, middle school students and conducts the IGCSE exam for senior school students. The coolest thing about this school is, It also offers pre-university courses and Islamic education for students who wish to learn about Religion and Principles. This school has facilities like science laboratories, computer laboratories, a library, a playground, an arts and crafts room, etc. Therefore, Oasis is considered the best international school in Bangalore.

  • Candor International School-

Candor International School is a Co-education International school in Bangalore. It is an IGCSE and IB certified school that was established in 2010. It is one of the best IB world schools in Bangalore with state-of-the-art, academic, sports, arts, music, and tech-enabled classrooms emphasizing its commitment to the academic and holistic educational experience and is also one of the top 10 best International schools in Bangalore, Karnataka. This school offers pure international syllabi and its credentials include authorization to deliver both the international baccalaureate program for grades 1-5 and grades 11-12 and the Cambridge curriculum for grades 6-12. This school has incredible infrastructure like libraries, science laboratories, computer labs, indoor sports facilities, and many others.

  • Indus International School-

Consistently being ranked as the best school in India, Indus International School was established in 2003 and always has a unique approach to its teaching and learning. This co-education school offers both day-schooling and boarding options to its students from reception to grade 12. It follows an IB curriculum through and through making it a truly international school. This school facility also reflects its grandeur. This school has an auditorium, an e-library, a cafeteria, a computer lab, an amphitheater, and a gymnasium, and many other facilities. One of the first premiere schools in Bangalore that also has branches in Hyderabad, Pune, and Chennai.

  • Stonehill International School-

Founded in 2005, Stonehill International School is yet another best international school in Bangalore which is a co-Ed institution that offers an IB and IGCSE education from pre-primary to class 12. This school has both daycare and boarding facilities attracting students from different Nationalities. Its faculty is diverse and brings in a lot of value to make children learn about different cultures and open up to the world. The Stonehill has libraries, a music room, a gymnasium, 3 playgrounds, and kid’s play area, an art studio, etc.

  • Bangalore International School-

This is one of the first international schools in the City and is also one of the best international schools in Bangalore. It was established in 1969 and has come so far to the point where it is listed among the top 10 international schools in Bangalore. This school offers students a world-class education and A-Class amenities. This school follows IB and CIE curricula and adapts the round square teaching approach. It has computer and science laboratories, a home economics laboratory, playground, fine arts studio, library, and many other facilities.

  • Ebenezer International School-

Another best international school in Bangalore that offers day schooling and boarding facilities. This school is known for providing value education and offers IB, IGCSE, ICSE curricula. It also has an Apple school. At this school, every classroom has an Apple TV and a dedicated iMac laboratory where children discover and learn new technologies. Ebenezer International is a co-education, day-cum residential school. This school has a conference hall, contemporary laboratories for physics, chemistry, biology, and computer science.

  • New Baldwin International School-

NBIS is another top international school in Bangalore that was established in 1990. This school is focused on providing value-added education to create upright pillars of the nation. The school adopts the CIE teaching methodologies for the primary level students and offers the IGCSE certification program option for senior school students. It has tremendous infrastructure and facilities such as a library, computer and science laboratories, huge playground, sports fields and courts, music and dance studio, fitness academy, etc.

  • Canadian International Schools-

Canadian International School is the only school in Bangalore that runs 100% on solar power setting an excellent example for the kids. One of the top and best international schools in Bangalore which was established in 1996 and quickly made its presence felt in the city with its holistic education programs. This school is fully accredited by the CIE and New England Association of schools and colleges and offers IGCSE certification. This school has excellent infrastructure such as dance rooms, AV rooms, Auditorium, specialized labs, arts and crafts rooms, and many more.

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