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Top 10 Best Resorts Near Pune


Top 10 Best Resorts Near Pune (With Prices)

Pune known as the most industrial and educational hub of India is also one of the most tourist states in the country. If you are visiting Pune and are looking for a relaxing staycation near Pune, then you need to go through this article. The affordable resorts in Pune create a peaceful atmosphere that people will remember for years.  Here’s a list of the top 10 best resorts near Pune that are only within 100 kilometers. 

  1. The Machan Resort: (Price: INR 11,000 approximately)

The Machan Resort is a one-of-a-kind establishment that epitomizes luxury. This eco-resort offers several tree cabins that express adventure and allow visitors to appreciate the outdoors. These well-planned and constructed Machan allows you to remain amidst the peace of nature. The tree houses give a breathtaking perspective of the surroundings and are located between 30 and 45 feet above the forest floor. Among the best characteristics is a stay in one of the opulent tree houses or the glass-walled Canopy Machans constructed around a fig tree.

(Distance from Pune: 82 kilometers)

  1. Monteria Resort: (Price: INR 10,879 per night approximately)

This stunning resort in Pune, located on the Old Mumbai-Pune Highway, is renowned for its spectacular experiences and strange settings. This location is renowned for providing the best leisure experience and is surrounded by picturesque forests and many other attractions. The Monteria Resort is the closest getaway for residents of Pune and Mumbai seeking to escape the rush of city life. The best amenities include large rooms, an open, green environment, fitness clubs, sports like paintball, high ropes courses, angry birds, zip lines, and rifle shooting.

(Distance from Pune: 94 kilometers)

  1. Rutu Farms Stay Experience: (Price: INR 7,000 per night approximately)

Experience a rural and charming stay at the Rutu Farms, which is situated on Paud Road in Pune. One of the best places to stay when arranging a getaway near Pune and taking in the fantastical vistas of nature is here. These farms, which are a year-round attraction, provide the best accommodations in the eco-resorts. These farms are the ideal getaway for those who want to experience rural life because they have a traditional way of life and culture. The best advantages are the ability to participate in traditional country activities like riding in a bullock cart or a tractor.

(Distance from Pune: 4 kilometers)

  1. Village Resort: (Price: INR 3,575 per night approximately)

At this country resort, close to Pune, you may escape the hectic city life and take in the surreal beauty of nature. Mountains surround this exotic getaway, and during the monsoon, you may view the drifting clouds. Other additional factors contribute to this location being the ideal getaway retreat, including some of the most opulent suites to stay in and other amenities. The resort also has a kid’s area where they can have fun, and the swimming pool offers a variety of activities including doing the rain dance and taking a dip, in addition to outdoor games like volleyball and badminton and indoor games like chess, playing cards, carom, and table tennis.

(Distance from Pune: 40 kilometers)

  1. Paradise Country Resort: (Price: INR 1,069 per night approximately)

One of the most stunning resorts close to Pune, the Paradise Country Resort draws tourists looking to get away from the bustle of the city. This resort offers the ideal atmosphere for unwinding and taking in the wilderness, according to its name. There are several good reasons to visit this location, including its beautiful interiors and availability of all essential amenities. The hotel’s best features include a 50-foot swimming pool with a baby pool attached, a bar and restaurant providing vegetarian and meat dishes, a contemporary conference room with seating for 65 people, and opulent cottages with wooden décor.

(Distance from Pune: 46 kilometers)

  1. Mantra Resort: (Price: INR 1,670 per night approximately)

One of the top beach resorts close to Pune is The Mantra Resort, which is renowned for providing friendly service and opulent lodging. They provide a restful stay in lovely natural surroundings without sacrificing comfort. Visitors can choose from a variety of rooms, including ultra-deluxe, suites, and studios, depending on their budget. The proximity to well-known beaches like Bordi Beach, the Bahrot Caves, Asavali Dan, and the Hirwa Van Gardens, as luxurious interiors with stunning, eye-catching room hues are other outstanding qualities:

(Distance from Pune: 3 kilometers)

  1. Casa Dios: (Price: INR 31,000 onwards)

Casa Dios, which also resembles a tranquil home and is close to Pune, is the ideal hideaway for anyone seeking a brief respite from the city’s bustle. These same surroundings of this lovely house, which is spread out over 10,000 square feet, improve the experience for guests. The hotel’s main features include completely equipped rooms with panoramic views of the surroundings, easy access to the enormous pool from all floors, and a unique bar with the best selections.

(Distance from Pune: 71 kilometers)

  1. The Lake Weekend Resort: (Price: From INR 4,500 to INR 6000 per night)

The eco-resort close to Pune is a fantastic hideaway for relaxation. With the Sahyadri Hills at its back and Warasgaon Lake at its front, this is the perfect location for tourists to take in natural beauty. Without a doubt, this is one of the top nature resorts close to Pune, with its beautiful green surroundings and upbeat atmosphere. Come here if you want to relax away from the bustle of the city. The lake view, the rain dance, the amphitheater, the various outdoor games, the surrounding greenery, and the availability of pure veg and Jain food are among the best attractions.

(Distance from Pune: 70 kilometers)

  1. Malhar Machi: (Price: From INR 6,500 to INR 19,000 per night)

Malhar Machi is one of the top family-friendly lakeside resorts close to Pune that has a view of Mulshi Lake. This hotel is well-known for its bamboo furniture and is one of the most well-liked weekend escapes. This is one of the top luxury resorts close to Pune if you’re looking for regal lodging. Together, make this a destination for a romantic getaway. Top features: It is one of the best resorts around Pune for team trips and corporate events and has amazing accommodations with all contemporary conveniences, as well as a baby pool, Children’s Park, and indoor and outdoor sports.

(Distance from Pune: 46.2 kilometers)

  1. The Corinthians Resort: (Price: From INR 5,500 to INR 15,000 per night)

Corinthians, the closest resort to Pune, provides a traveler looking for enjoyment with the best services. The resort is surrounded by a stunning amount of flora. You can host luxurious events at this resort or use it as the ideal getaway during the holidays. This is one of the top resorts for a daytime picnic close to Pune. The modern facilities and the incredibly friendly employees are the best characteristics. There are luxury and premium rooms available. The suites here are amazingly opulent, and there is a dedicated location for yoga and aerobics in addition to a white-water spa and places to party by the pool.

(Distance from Pune: 12 kilometers)

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