Top 10 Best Telugu Short Films in 2021

No profession is easy, with hard work comes fruitful results. The writer’s job is one of those professions which requires a lot of thought and creativity. Every movie or short film that has been made to date is the best in its way. With different genres come different and beautiful scripts that capture the viewer’s attention. Keeping this in mind, we have shortlisted some of the best films based on science fiction, thriller, love, emotion, and so on, which has gained a huge appreciation. 

Here The Top 10 Best Telugu Short Films in 2021

1. The God Must Be Crazy

One of the Best Telugu Short Films which was given a 7.7 IMDb rating. Directed by Jayshankarr, This short film named, The God Must Be Crazy (He will bring out the devil in you), a fantasy film that revolves around a guy named Ebrahim Alhasan, along with his co-worker tries to prove that God exists in various forms. 

2. Rudra- The Writer

Directed by Naani Bandeeddi, Rudra -The writer, is another best Telugu short film with an 8.0 IMDb rating. This short film plots the storyline on the struggle of a film writer who is exploited by various elements of the film industry. This short film features Anirudh Thotapalli, Ashok Siriyala, Sriman Keerthi, and Kireeti. 

3. Seven

If you are looking for an interesting movie thriller to spend the boring night, then you must watch the short film Seven. Seven, a short film, which was given an 8.1 IMDb rating is yet another best Telugu short film in 2021, i.e., till date. This short film revolves around a man who wakes up every day at 7 PM and starts to experience strange things in his house. Eventually, it reveals that the protagonist is stuck in a time loop. A must film for a person who is predictive with the plot.

4. Vara

Are you a huge fan of science fiction, and want to see something new from the passionate writers who have been working on it? Then you gotta watch this short film named “Vara”. Vara is also one of the best Telugu short films which were given an IMDb rating of 8.8. Directed by Vidhyadhar, Vara’s story tells a story of a paleontologist who is suffering from a chronic disease happens to discover a fossil that holds the biggest discovery of the universe. It casts Venkat Ramakrishna Meka, Venkat Vadisetti and Varma Vinod.

5. Living Idle

Directed by Ramana, Living Idle, an interesting and emotional short film that received a 9.0 IMDb rating. An unbalanced, excessive and uncontrolled desire to fulfill one’s hunger leads to dire consequences, a perfect example of symbolism. A story of the creative sculptor of idols, who fills his art with color and happiness but is unable to do the same in his life. This eventually shows that how Goddess author punished him when he reaches his limits of abuse which concludes the storyline of Living Idle. It was named one of the best Telugu short films. An intriguing plotline that captivates the attention of the viewers.

6. A Driver Story

Definitely, a worth watching short film. A Driver Story is another best Telugu short film that has received a 9.0 IMDb rating. It narrates the story of a cop who does an undercover operation to catch the most wanted Don Sikander Bhai, But his car driver gets into deep trouble. An intriguing thriller that shows a mix of humor and greed. The audience will be glued to the screen as it does not reveal the protagonist and antagonist until the end. The unknown fact about this short film is that the whole scene was shot in a single room. The twist in this short film is worth watching.

7. 15 Days of Love

Directed by Jayakishore Bandi, 15 Days of Love is one of the best Telugu short films about love. This story revolves around a young couple who are madly in love with each other. The heroes do not end for the heroine who says that she already has a boyfriend. Instead, it leads to him asking her for the proof for the latter. Eventually, the girl falls in love with them, her perception towards him changes that is when the celebration of life begins. Wonderfully written and directed, 15 Days of Love is worth watching.

8. Emotion

One of the best Telugu short films yet again about love. The storyline is truly emotional which truly justifies the title. Directed by Samran Reddy, this story narrates about the couple thinking of taking an extreme step and re-live their moments again. Starring Ramachandra and Meghana Lokesh, whose characters were depth and top-notch nailed the performance. It a worth watching a short film if you are someone who finds interest in watching movies about love, and affection.

9. Krishnamurthi Garintlo

Directed by Lakshman Krishna, Krishnamurthi Garintlo is another short film that has received a huge appreciation from the audience. It is an emotional movie with an unusual climax. The story narrates about the protagonist who on the force of his father visits the village where his best friend Krishnamurthi lives with his daughter. There he falls in love with his daughter at the first sight and she loves him too eventually. The in-between emotional narration about love is what the story is all about and the ending puts each one of you in confusion. 

10. Why not a girl?

It- One of the best short films one could come across. Directed by Sunil Puppala. This short film is based on the thought of not wanting a girl child, this short film puts up a straight question to the viewers and changes their perception towards such stereotypical thoughts and beliefs – why not a girl? A beautiful message that has received a lot of appreciation and created a buzz. Being in the 21st century, this film is definitely worth watching and changing perceptions.

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