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Top 10 Cheapest Cars in India 2022


We usually love to buy things at the cheapest price possible and we tend to think twice or thrice before we spend money on something. If the quality is best at such a budget-friendly price then we should consider ourselves lucky and of course, we will be on cloud nine. Now, just imagine if a car for a family comes at the cheapest price, do we ignore it? Well, not really. Some of the best cars in India come at an affordable price.

List of Top10 Lowest Price Cars in India, 2022. 

1. Maruti Alto 800

1. Maruti Alto 800

Maruti Alto-800 is budget-friendly and is one of the cheapest cars in India. Maruti Suzuki has fulfilled the dream of every Individual by selling and designing a car that comes at an affordable price. Maruti Alto-800 has both petrol and CNG models and it gives a mileage of 22.05km with a fuel tank capacity of 35 liters. Also, it comes with an F8D type engine with a displacement of 796cc. Alto-800 makes room for five people and boot space of 177 liters and stylish interiors allures the buyers. Servicing and spare parts are cheaper than the rival brands and the most significant part is the Airbags feature is also provided as a safety measure. Maruti Alto-800 price starts from 3 Lakh.

2. Renault Kwid

Renault Kwid is yet another cheapest car in India, 2022. The most interesting thing about this car is the riding quality which is parallel to Indian city roads at this price. It has amazing features such as SUV inspiration and meager service cost at this low price and it is labeled as the most spacious one at the entry level. Renault Kwid is a petrol run and its mileage ranges from 20.71 to 22.3 Km. It has a boot space of 275 liters and a fuel tank capacity of 28 liters. The lightweight engine is 799 to 999 cc making 53 bhp and torque of 72 NM. Also, it comes with a satellite navigation system, airbags, and touchscreen infotainment feature that supervise buyers at such a low cost. The price of the Renault Kwid starts from Rs. 3.31 lakh and goes up to Rs. 5.48 lakh.

3. Datsun Redi-Go

Datsun Redi-Go also made it to the list as one of the best cars available at an affordable price. Datsun-Go is accessible with manual or programmed transmissions with two engine options i.e.799cc and 999cc. The most extreme force yield of the vehicle is 91Nm and the greatest power yield is 67bhp and above all, it has a gas tank that holds over 28 liters of petrol and gives a mileage up to 21-22 KMPL. The price range of Datsun-Go starts from Rs. 3.83 lakh.

4. Hyundai Eon

The fourth most budget-friendly car available in India is Hyundai Eon. Hyundai comes to the rescue with the best cars that come at affordable prices. The fluidic design of the Hyundai Eon makes it one of the best-looking hatchbacks at this price range. The entry-level vehicle from Hyundai is now available with an 800cc engine and comes with five-speed manual transmission. The price range of the Hyundai Eon starts from Rs. 3.69 lakh and can go up to Rs 5.14 lakh.

5. Maruti Suzuki Ignis

Another budget-friendly car from the brand Maruti Suzuki is Maruti Suzuki Ignis. It is the new compact car that looks into the design philosophy of the hatchback segment in the country. The Ignis comes with a 5 seater and has a minimalist body design and is the first budget vehicle to get LED headlamps and LED daytime running lights and has a fuel tank capacity of 32 liters. The price range of the Maruti Suzuki starts from Rs. 5.18 lakh and goes up to Rs. 7.95 lakh. If you are willing to buy in a different color, there are over 9 color options available to choose from. 

6. Maruti S-Presso

The Maruti S-Presso is yet another cheapest car in India, 2022. It is controlled by a K10B petrol motor with an MPFi fuel infusion framework and three chambers. On top of this, this car comes with a furnished manual and programmed transmission frameworks. The pinnacle power and force are both appraised at 67bhp and 90Nm. Maruti S-Presso gives a mileage of 21-31 KMPL. The price range of Maruti S-Presso starts from Rs. 3.78 to 5.43 lakhs.

7. Maruti Celerio

Another Budget-Friendly family car on the list is Maruti Celerio. Celerio’s innovative features swear on comfort and safety. Both petrol and CNG compatible models are launched by Maruti. The 3-cylinder K-Series engine of 998 cc displacement can generate 67 BPH at a torque of 90Nm. Maruti Celerio gives a mileage of 21.63 on petrol and 30.47km/kg in CNG models respectively. It comes with auto gear technology for effortless driving along with driver airbags and anti-locking braking systems for safety purposes. The price range of Celerion starts from Rs. 4.66 lakh to 5.83 lakh.

8. Maruti Wagon R

One of the best cheapest cars in India, 2022 is Maruti Wagon R. the Maruti Wagon R exemplifies quality and moderateness in one group. The wagon R is also one of India’s most popular vehicles and is constrained by a K12M oil engine with a zenith power of 113 Nm and the biggest power of 81 bhp. Maruti wagon R gives a mileage of 22 in KMPL and the price range of this car starts from Rs. 4.93 lakh to 6.45 lakh.

9. Tata Tiago

The Tata Tiago is yet another cheapest car available in India and it is the latest entry of the company into the car segment. With the zest, bolt, and now with the Tiago, Tata is expecting to reshape its image as a modern carmaker. The Tiago follows the horizontal design used by Tata and the face of the Tiago resembles the Zest and the Bolt. It comes with a fuel tank capacity of 35 liters. The price range of the Tata Tiago starts from Rs. 3.77 lakh and goes up to 6.77 lakh. 

10. Bajaj Qute

As the name suggests, it is one of the cutest cars at such an affordable price. The Bajaj Qute comes in both petrol and CNG variants and lives up to its name by delivering maximum fuel efficiency. It is indeed dubbed as ‘India’s Cheapest Car ‘. This small vehicle has a maximum power output of 10.8 bhp and a torque output of up to 16.1 Nm. It gives out a mileage of 35 KMPL. The price range of Bajaj Qute starts from Rs. 2.48 lakh.

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