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10 Of The Most Expensive Residential Locations In India

Top 10 Most Expensive Locations in India

India is known to house some of the high-end luxurious residential areas and localities where conglomerates, industrialists, politicians, actors, and high-end personalities live. Here, in this article, we have listed down the top 10 most expensive localities in India.

List of Top10 Most Costliest Residential Locations In India

1. Basavanagudi, Bangalore

Basavanagudi in Bangalore is one of the most expensive locations in India. This posh residential and commercial locality is also one of the oldest localities in Bangalore and is also a popular business hub. The average price of properties in Basavanagudi is Rs.3,45 crore worth.

2. Malabar Hill, Mumbai

The second-most expensive location in India is Verdant Malabar is an upscale residential area known for its hanging gardens, a hillside park with sea views, and many more located in South Mumbai. It is the most exclusive address in the city where most of the residents are billionaires and millionaires. The three-sided view of the Arabian Sea is what makes this place the most desired and expensive location in Mumbai.

3. Jor Bagh

Jor Bagh located in South Delhi is another splendidly posh and the most expensive location in India. It is located on the southern edge of Delhi located near Safdarjung’s Tomb and Jor Bagh Metro Station. Jor Bagh is ranked first for its accessibility to lifestyle avenues like malls, affinity to nearby locations, strategic locations and historical monuments, and the overall liability index. 

4. Banjara Hills

Banjara Hills is another most splendid and expensive location in India. Located in Hyderabad, it is one of the most coveted addresses. Banjara Hills is a well-developed residential cum commercial area situated in the northwest part of Hyderabad. Banjara Hills is highly known for huge commercial ventures such as shopping centers, restaurants, educational institutions, hotels and you name it. Banjara Hills is not only a place with serene and peaceful surroundings but also a city with high-speed developments.

5. Koregaon Park

The Posh Residential residential, Koregaon Park was indeed made famous by the controversial spiritual Guru Rajneesh who later came to be known as Osho. It is one of the most prestigious localities in Pune. This park is highly known to have high-end extravagant apartments and bungalows. To be precise, the residential properties range from Rs.13,000-16000 per sq. ft and above.

6. Boat Club, Chennai

Boat Club located in Chennai is yet another most expensive residential location in India. This is the place most of the city’s billionaires live. Lok Sabha MP Dayanidhi Maran, Sun TV owner Kalanithi Maran and several other Businessmen, Actors, and Conglomerates live here at Boat Club in Chennai. It is one of the high-end places in Chennai.

7. Alipore, Kolkata

Alipore is counted as one of the famous posh areas in Kolkata and the most expensive location in India. Alipore is known to have several top-class hospitals and schools and greenside walks. This area is known to have a lot of old bungalows and Victorian houses and the average price of properties here starts from Rs.13000 per sq. ft.

8. Golf Links

This is yet another most expensive location in India. Golf Links is a neighborhood in New Delhi and is a walking distance of Khan Market. It is considered one of the most expensive areas to buy real estate in India. This place is home to several politicians and industrialists. It is said that if you want to rent a house here, you will have to shell out Rs.1 Lakh to Rs.10 Lakh a month.

9. Sector 5, Chandigarh

Yet another most extravagant locality in India is Sector 5 in Chandigarh. It is home to several influential people such as ministers, bureaucrats, big personalities, and others. This place is also known as the VIP area (Sector) of Chandigarh and is considered one of the cleanest and the poshest areas of Chandigarh.

10. Nungambakkam, Chennai

One of the posh localities in Chennai and one of the most expensive Localities in India is Nungambakkam. The average property price in Nungambakkam is Rs.18,600 per sq ft. This place houses several government offices and carries a European vibe. The rent here can go as high as rs.2.50 Lakh Per Month.

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