Top 10 Pregnancy Apps For a Better Birth.

Pregnancy is a precious feeling for every woman in world. Being fit for yourself as well as future kid is really important. Keeping Tracks of what you are doing, how you are doing, is it right what you are doing and when you are doing. 9 months are the months where a woman needs to be taken care of very properly and with every precaution which should be taken care of. Everything is digital now. Then why not a health checker app for women. So here are top 10 apps to use in pregnancy.

  1. Pregnancy+

inAn excellent all-around option with a wealth of knowledge for each stage of pregnancy is the Pregnancy+ app. Users get access to tips on nursing, fitness, and other topics, and daily articles are given to them based on how far along in their pregnancy they are. By downloading the app, your partner or other loved ones can follow along with you while you customise your pregnancy tracking.


2. Pregnancy and Baby Tracker: WTE

The Pregnancy and Baby Tracker app from What to Expect stands out due to its attractive design and simple user interface. Unlike other applications, it compares your baby’s current size to interesting objects like movie and TV props and throwback goods from the 1980s and 1990s in addition to produce. Similar to other popular apps, it features 3D models of your child as well as details on their physical growth, your own bodily changes, typical symptoms, and suggested products. With distinct communities for users who are expecting their kids in the same month, overseas moms-to-be, and more, it has a particularly comprehensive social network component.


3. Nurture Pregnancy Week by Week (Glow)

For pregnant people that may have experienced a previous pregnancy loss and need additional support navigating any subsequent pregnancies, the Nurture Pregnancy Week by Week app is a standout option, as it features miscarriage support, including trackers for unusual symptoms and emotional well-being. The app includes social and partner support as well as a feature that allows users to upload a PDF of pregnancy symptoms, weight, medication and other health data. The Nurture app has additional fun features including a baby registry offering product recommendations and reviews from other parents and a downloadable log to track aspects of your baby’s care once they’re born


4. Ovia Pregnancy Tracker

A wide range of features are available in the Ovia Pregnancy Tracker app, including a customised timeline of your baby’s anatomical development, 3D foetal renderings, warning signs, educational articles, food and medication safety tools, and more.Additionally, it enables extensive data collecting. This software is excellent for someone who like data visualisation because it allows you to track information about your relationship status, amount of kegels you complete, dietary servings, and even foetal movement.


5. BabyCenter Pregnancy Tracker

This BabyCenter app has it all, including 3D visualisations of your unborn child’s growth in the womb, a social network for connecting with other pregnant mothers, a library of practical information, and more.Your unique pregnancy timeline contains digestible weekly highlights, such as your baby’s measurements, size in relation to produce, anatomical advancements, and expected symptoms. The software also offers a staggering array of features for both individuals who are attempting to get pregnant (such as an ovulation calendar) and those who will be using the child once it is born (such as a growth tracker). This software is unquestionably worthwhile to download; the iOS app store now has an average star rating of 4.9 out of 5.


6. Pregnancy and Due Date Tracker

An easy-to-use pregnant software called the pregnant and Due Date Tracker allows users to keep tabs on their blood pressure, weight gain, tummy size, and baby activity. You may save this information and present it to your doctor at subsequent sessions. The app also provides nutrition and lifestyle recommendations, as well as a contraction counter.


7. amma–Pregnancy and Baby Tracker

The amma Pregnancy and Baby Tracker is a wise choice to keep track of all aspects of your pregnancy because it offers daily articles on pregnancy and weekly advise from obstetricians. The app includes weekly updates on your baby’s size and development as well as an event diary for noting appointments. There is also a baby kick counter and suggestions for nutritious meals to eat while pregnant.


8. Pregnancy App Preglife

Expectant women who wish to share their pregnancy adventure with their partner might choose Preglife. It has a simple user interface that enables you to view the anatomical growth of your child as well as details on your own pregnancy symptoms. Because there is a “partner” tab you may select each week to access helpful advice and to-do lists, this app is especially wonderful for couples. For instance, the partner material for week 26 covers topics like testing the hospital route and baby car seats.


9. Sprout Pregnancy

The fact that the Sprout Pregnancy app costs money significantly lowers its rating. The 3D video renderings of your unborn child in the womb in this app, however, are the most captivating of all the ones we looked at, allowing you to switch between and observe your unborn child from any aspect, rivalling that of medical imaging. Along with other common elements like instructional resources and to-do checklists, it also contains an extensive pregnancy chronology.

10. WebMD Pregnancy

The WebMD Pregnancy app is probably your best option if you want a pregnancy monitoring tool that provides more scientifically advanced updates than fruit comparisons for your baby’s size. You may get an accurate picture of your baby’s development and the changes to your body by viewing extremely detailed 3D renderings of your unborn child as well as your own organs while your unborn child is inside of you. Additionally, there are articles aimed towards your partner and inquiries to make of your doctor at each prenatal appointment.

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