Top 10 Real-Life Indian Heroes and Their Unsung Stories

There are a plethora of unusual stories which need to be brought into the limelight, the unsung heroes whose background and struggles are least known to many. Today, in this article we have listed a few of the Real Life Indian Heroes do let us know if we have missed others.

List of Top 10 Real-Life Indian Heroes and Their Unsung Stories

1. Anand Kumar

Anand Kumar

Anand Kumar is one of those legends who deserved to be praised and known for his kind act of training underprivileged students for IIT-JEE. Kumar hails from Patna where his father used to be a clerk and his modest beginnings got in the way of him going to attend Cambridge University which back then offered him a seat. His papers on the ‘Number Theory’ were published in international mathematical magazines. Due to his financial conditions, he used to study during the day and sell ‘Papad’ in the evening. After 15 struggling years, his valuable teachings led to the admission of 27 out of 30 students for the IIT JEE entrance exam.

2. Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw

Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw

Marshal Sam Manekshaw is yet another Real life Indian Hero who led the victorious Indo-Pak War of 1971. Marshal back then stood against Prime Minister Indira Gandhi’s decision to go to war when the army wasn’t ready. A few months later, Sam led the attack to capture ports in Karachi and Lahore which eventually came to be known as the Indo-Pak war of 1921. The story doesn’t end just here, it goes on. He is hailed as a fearless hero whose story is little-known.

3. Irom Chanu Sharmila

Irom Chanu Sharmila

Sharmila’s Story is that of immense strength and power of the human spirit. Having suffered from insurgency as a kid, Sharmila began upraising her voice against the Arms Forces Special Powers Act. She commenced fasting in 2000 against the revoking of AFSPA but has yet to receive positive feedback from the government. Iron Sharmila has been covered as the face of tolerance and courage by the Media.

4. Anandibai Joshi

Anandibai Joshi

The story of Anandibhai is to be commended. Anandibai Joshi is the first woman doctor from India. Joshi was married at the age of 9 and she was one of the women who overcame the stigma that women’s education was not important. She struggled to follow her dreams and managed to train herself in western medicine and became the only woman physician from South Asia back then. She fought herself against all odds with the help of her husband and made a path for the Indian women to reach their full potential.

5. Captain Vikram Batra

Captain Vikram Batra

Captain Vikram Batra is another terrific hero whose story has been brought into the limelight through the movie LOC Kargil and ‘Shershaah’. He is a pivotal role in the Kargil win and he sacrificed his life to save a wounded soldier. Captain Vikram saved a soldier and said “Tu Baal-Bachchedaar Hai, Hat Ja Piche” and later got killed in action. His famous last words were “Jai Mata Di”.

6. Arunima Sinha

6. Arunima Sinha

Arunima Sinha is a National Level Volleyball Player who met with a train accident and climbed Mt.Everest 2 years later. She is one of those real heroes whose story is hardly known. She was 23 at the time when she was traveling by a Padmavati Express and a gang of thieves attacked her. However, she succumbed and the goons threw her out of the moving train where she was run over by 49 carriages which she counted all. The doctors had to amputate her leg to save her life. Two years later, Arunima climbed the tallest peak in the world, Mount Everest making her the first woman amputee to reach the peak. 

7. Mamta Rawat

Mamta Rawat

The woman who saved thousands of lives in the Uttarakhand floods of 2013. She is the unsung hero who saw her own house getting washed away in the flash floods. But, this did not stop her from climbing extremely dangerous terrains to save thousands of stranded pilgrims and locals. Mamta is known to be trained in mountaineering and thus led 30 school students to safety while also carrying the elderly on her back. On top of this, she had no Government support for this rescue operation.

8. Rukhsana Kausar

Rukhsana Kausar

Her story is a courageous act. One evening, Lashkar-e-Taiba militants invaded her home in the Rajouri District of Jammu and Kashmir. They demanded that Rukhsana be handed over to them. Rukhsana along with her brother killed LeT militants with an ax after watching her family being attacked by the militants.

9. Sohaila Abdulali

Sohaila Abdulali

Sohaila Abdulali is the least known, she is one of the most inspiring people who has been through a difficult phase of life and fought against all odds. She fought sexual violence, when she was only 17, a gang of four men raped her and held her friend hostage for long hours. However, this incident didn’t stop her from doing what she dreamed of and doing great in life. Sohaila went on and became an author, writing two books in the process.

10. Shekar Naik

Shekar NaikYet another unsung hero, whose story is quite motivating to read. Shekar Naik is the captain of the Indian Blind Cricket Team. Shekar hails from a financially weak family and suffered from blindness since birth. Without much support, Naik’s interests made it to sports and were selected for the state-level tournament, the time when his cricket talent was noticed for the first time. 17 years later, Naik got the jersey of Captain of the Indian Cricket team. 

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