3D Glass Lu Tiyadam-Fridge Lo Light Chudadam: Top 10 Things We All Did Once in Our LifeTime

There are many things we have discovered, done and been through when we all were kids, teens and may be adults. Avanni ippudu thaluchukunte, it seems all funny, cute and stupid as well, but mostly awfully awesome. Today, in this article we have listed down some of the situations we all have done and admit it if you ever did.

1. Peeking out of 3D Glasses

No wonder many of us did this. The urge to remove the 3D glasses while watching a movie just to see the difference is a whole new level of excitement. Have you ever done this?

2. Counting the pages before starting a new chapter

This is the one of the weirdest yet funny and childish things we have ever done. Firstly, manaki chadavaali anna interest raavadame goppa, enni pages chadavali ani mundhu chuskovadam lo unde satisfaction vere level.

3. Pulling the Grass

Em Chesthunnav? Gaddi Peekuthunna. One of the answers that perfectly describes when you are literally doing it. No matter what, our hands automatically tend to pull the grass out of the ground or the field. 

4. Closing the fridge to see the lights turn off

Idhi inko chinna cute sahasam we all did once in our lifetime. Trying to close the fridge slow enough to see when the light goes off.

5. Waving Hi to security Cameras

This is yet another coolest thing we have done once in our lifetime. Ah security cameras ki Hi cheppadam lo oka rakamaina enthusiasm untadhi, Don’t you agree?

6. Changing the answer in the exam

This was one of the frustrating things we have been through. It is that moment when you change the answer on a test during the exam but the original answer we chose in the beginning is right. Koapm baadha anni tannukuntu osthay ah time lo.

7. Discovering a bruise and poking it

Idhi inko vichitramaina thing we all did, teliyakunda manaki debbalu thaakadam and manam adhi chusi, Huh? Eppudu thakindhi ani ascharya padatam, tarvatha dhanni poke cheyadam. Have you done this?

8. Tried to sleep again to dream the same dream

This is yet another cutest thing we all have done once in our lifetime. Oka goppa kala, kani sudden ga meluka vacchesthe ah baadha ni explain cheyyalemu, but the urge we have to sleep again and dream the same dream was one of the adorable things we’ve done.

9. Tried to have a diary but failed

Admit it, many of us have been a part of this. Diary maintain cheyali ani oka decision theeskovatam and first two pages raayadam and then stop doing it forever is yet another thing we all have done once in our lifetime.

10. Staring at a dead body to catch them breathing

Another bizarre thing we have done during our childhood or once in our lifetime is trying to stare and catch the dead bodies if they are moving or breathing in a movie. Have you done this? Kanipedthe manam edo pedda thing saadincham ani garva padthunde.

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