Top 5 Best, Affordable And Chic Cafes In Hyderabad

Umm… so where do you think youngsters and teenagers hang out with their friends nowadays? Restaurants no, dhabas no , Mc’D, KFC or Subway no way. Oh, cafes yes! right.
The current most liked place to dwell for us youngsters are cafes. Firstly because of the beautiful and aesthetic ambience where we can click great pictures with an amazing as hell background, which we right away post on Instagram, Snap chat and even tag these places. These places are classy, affordable and serve exotic and delicious dishes. Check this article for the most famous Cafes in Hyderabad.

1.Le Vantage Café Bar

Affordable And Chic Cafes

This place is worth going to on a Friday evening right when the sun is setting! Wonderful outdoor seating with amazing food. The place is worth it as the food is really good and it goes well with the alcohol. The ambience, the music, the atmosphere takes you to a different zone altogether. I would say must visit the newly opened place.

2.The Autumn Leaf Café

Affordable And Chic Cafes

This place has a beautiful outdoor setup among greenery as well as an indoor dining area. They have exotic seafood dishes which is a must try . Best time to visit this place is in the afternoon, don’t worry about the scorching heat as they have sprinklers in their outdoor setup which is great to cool our body. And also it is a pet-friendly café. Great place to relax with family and friends with their subtle music.

3.Coffee Cup

Affordable And Chic Cafes

The Coffee cup is basically Starbucks+Board games+Books! It’s an amazing cafe but it doesn’t live up to its theme, mostly busy and you have to wait for a long time. Seating is both indoor and outdoor. Indoors smoking is not allowed. The ambience is cool with books, guitar and board games.

Coffee cup’s coffees are amazing! Living up to the name. Actually, the entire drinks menu is amazing. If you are a coffee and a brownie lover don’t miss out on the dangerous devil! Their menu is pretty huge and gives you a variety of options to try. Plates of pasta are equally good.

4.The Humming Bird Café

Affordable And Chic Cafes

This place is perfect for the young crowd to visit. They’re board games, cards and books available which you can enjoy. It has lovely and cute furniture with great ambience. I’m sure you can notice the birds chirping around. Perfect and cute pictures can be clicked that’s a bonus. Great food Oreo shake and fish fry must be tried when visited.

5. The Roastery Coffee House

Affordable And Chic Cafes

Food isn’t that exciting to highlight.! But a caffeinated human will never ignore this place.!
To end I would like to tell two sentences.

1.Perfect for coffee lovers

2.can spend good time with friends or reading or doing any other work.
This place has a great ambience and even allows pets inside the café, so if you visit this café on a weekend you will surely meet a cute fluff ball.

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