Top 8 Luxurious Things Owned By Mukesh Ambani

Ambani’s entha goppa varu ante ippudu unna generation kakunda vala daggara unna money tho India ni oka 20 days varaku run cheyochu without any disturbance. Run in the sense Government employees salaries, maintenance, public administration and families and individuals ki food tho saha. Adi mana Ambani’s range mari.

Aithe ee madhya Mukesh Ambani Dubai lo the world’s costliest villa worth Rs 640 crores petti konadam tho marosari Mukesh Ambani’s wealth and his lifestyle gurinchi social media lo buzz nadichindi.

Not only this Dubai’s villa Mukesh Ambani also owns 8 luxurious things that will make you go Odiyamma….

1. Antilia – Rs 15,000 Crores Worth Residential Towers At Mumbai

Mukesh Ambani and his family residence in Mumbai named Antilia is worth Rs 15,000 crores. This 27 floor luxurious residential towers have 3 helipads, 600+ staff, 3 floors only for parking, a private cafe, gyms, spas and more.

2. Mandarin Oriental Hotel USA – Worth Rs 780 Crores

2022 January lo Mukesh Ambani bought a huge stake in World’s iconic hotel group – Mandarin Oriental Groups Of Hotels. He spent $98 Million which is Rs 780 Crores in Indian currency.

3. Mukesh Ambani’s Luxurious Home At Dubai Worth Rs 640 Crores

Recently, Mukesh Ambani bought the World’s Richest and luxurious resort villa for Rs 640 Crores and gifted it to his younger son Anant Ambani.

4. Stoke Park Estates – United Kingdom Worth Rs 600 Crores

United Kingdom lo unna Stoke Park, a estate with restaurant is bought by Mukesh Ambani for a whopping price and it is Rs 600+ Crores

5. Airbus A319 Private Flight – Worth Rs 250+ Crores

40-50 members capacity gala business class airbus Ambani’s ki undi and deeni value is around 250 Crores untadi.

6. Boeing Business Flight Worth Rs 535+ Crores

Ika business related trips kosam Ambani and his family use chese Boeing flight worth Rs 535+ crores Amabani’s ki undi.

7. Falcon 900 Private Jet Worth Rs 33 Crores

And also private ga vacations ki family purpose kosam Falcon 900 private jet undi.

8. Japan’s Antique Tea Cup Set Worth Rs 1.5 Crores

Ivi anni oka etthu aithe roju morning Ambani taage tea cup set worth eh 1.5 Crores anta. Enduku anta Japan’s Antique tea set anta mari.

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