Meet The Top 8 Billionaires Of Hyderabad & Their Rank In Global Billionaires List


Hyderabad ante corporate system and companies, IT Infrastructure, akasanni ante corporate buildings, eppudu busy busy ga unde manushulu. Ila nani verasi Global IT and Best cities lo Hyderabad commercial ga pedda city. Aithe ikkada only corporate companies eh kadu commercial business lu and business tycoons kuda unnaru.

Mana Hyderabad ki chendina 7 business tycoons ikkada top place lounte Global billionaires list lo kuda manchi rankings lo unnaru. Mari villa net worth enthoo Hyderabad lo enno place and Global Billionaires list lo rank entho oo sari chuseddam…

1.Murali Divi – Net Worth 4.3 Billion USD (3,16,56,81,50,000.00 INR)

Hyderabad Rank – 1
Global Rank – 589

Murali DiviFounder of Divi’s Laboratories based in Hyderabad was ranked at the 589th position Global rankings and No. 1 in Hyderabad his net worth is 4.3 Billion US dollars.

2.P. Pitchi Reddy – Net Worth – 1.9 Billion USD (1,39,97,53,75,000.00 INR)

Hyderabad Rank – 2
Global Rank – 1530

P. Pitchi ReddyFounder of Telangana’s construction giant Megha Engineering Infrastructure Limited (MEIL) P. Pitchi Reddy is 2nd richest in Hyderabad with net worth of 1.9 USD & he stood at 1530 rank in the Global Billionaires list.

3.P.V. Krishna Reddy – Net Worth – 1.8 Billion USD ( 1,32,60,51,00,000.00)

Hyderabad – 3
Global – 1529

P.v. Krishna ReddManaging Director of Megha Engineering Infrastructure Limited (MEIL) ranks 3 in Hyderabad Billionaires list and he shares the same rank with Pitchi Reddy in Global Billionaires Rankings.

4.PV Ramprasad Reddy – Net Worth – 1.8 Billion USD ( 1,32,60,51,00,000.00)

Hyderabad Rank – 4
Global Rank – 1530

Pv Ramprasad ReddyCo-founder of Aurobindo Pharma, PV Ramprasad Reddy stood at rank 3 with net worth of 1.8 USD and his global rank is 1531.

5.Jupally Rameshwar Rao – Net worth of 1.5 Billion USD ( 1,10,51,02,50,000.00)

Hyderabad Rank – 5
Global Billionaire -2000

Jupally Rameshwar RaoJupally Rameswar Rao the founder of My Home Group and chairman of TV9 news channel is at the 5th rank in Hyd and 2000th position with a net worth of 1.5 billion US Dollars in global billionaire rankings.

6.K. Satish Reddy – Net worth of 1 Billion USD ( 73,69,22,50,000.00)

Hyderabad Rank – 6
Global Rank -2276

K. Satish ReddyOwner of Reddy Laboratories K. Satish Reddy stood at 6th at Hydebarad Billionaires rankings and he is at 2276 rank in Global Billionaires Rankings.

7.GV Prasad & G Anuradha – Net worth of 1 Billion USD ( 73,69,22,50,000.00)

Hyderabad Rank – 7 & 8
Global Rank -2642

Gv Prasad & G AnuradhaManaging Directors of Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories GV Prasad & Anuradha are at 7, 8 position in Hyderabad with net worth of 1 Billion USD. And their global rank is 242.