Top 5 Cities In Andhra Pradesh For Great Food!

Known for its rich, flavourful and spicy food, Andhra Pradesh is a hub to several iconic food places. Each city in the state has its distinct and unique cuisine. If you think that the Telugu state is just about its lush farms and scenic beauty. The food is seriously good here and if you want to explore more, then go on, do not stop. Continue reading!


VishakapatnamRooftop restaurants or cafes with beach views, Vishakapatnam is on its way to give the major metropolitan cities a competition with its food and ambience. Be it Venkataadri Vantillu or Rammayya Mess, Vizag is known for its humble meal places. But, the city is no longer just about that. Bamboo Bay with its spectacular view of Bay of Bengal or Ming Garden being hailed as the best place for Chinese food and several other places are making their mark in the city.


VijayawadaFrom Punugulu to Bajji Mixture, Vijayawada has always been slaying with their street food scene. The food in Vijayawada is comforting and instantly makes you feel like home. Also, it is a land to several iconic food joints. Operating for over 75 years, Babai Hotel in Vijayawada is a landmark that the locals simply cannot get enough of. Srinivasa hotel for tasty biryanis, Sri Durga hotel for wholesome meals, or Temptations for fusion icecreams, this city sure knows its food.


NelloreTalk of Karam Dosa or Chapala Pulusu, Nellore is that food destination that pops up in our heads. Komala Vilas for Andhra food, Murali Krishna for seafood or Celebration Tiffins for a great breakfast experience, Nellore is that one place that you must visit for a great food experience.


Tirupathi/TirumalaWhen we think of Tirupathi or Tirumala, we often think of the Temple or the Prasad. But, what makes this city extremely special is its food. And, isn’t it a task to find a decent place to hog on right after the darshanam? Then, worry not as we’re about to tell you the absolute steals of the city. Chillies for biryanis, Table 9 for authentic Rayalaseema food, Renigunta Appam for variety of Appams like Karivepaaku Appam and Egg Appam or Reddamma Mess for a scrumptious plate of Boti fry or Mutton Masala.


RajahmundryFrom Putharekulu to Rose Milk, Rajamundry knows how to get its food right. From Persian to Hyderabadi or Andhra, a fine blend of cuisines is what Rajahmundry’s food is all about. Places like Srikanya Comfort have been serving authentic Indian food since 1975 whereas Sitara Coffee shop has to be your destination for great breakfasts and coffee options. And, if biryani is your bae, then you must visit Mughal Biryani Palace.

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