9 Top Dishes From Godavari District That We Cannot Stop Loving!

When we talk about Andhra Pradesh and the Godavari in particular, we are reminded of the lush green farms or Maredumilli forests. The place also boasts of iconic places like Dhawaleswaram Bridge and Rajahmundry Rail Bridge. While we can simply never stop obsessing with the beauty of Godavari, what the place is also known for is its great food.
The Godavari is unique in several ways when it comes to its food. Each place here has its unique food scenes and here are 9 foods from the kitchens of Godavari that you must try at least once.

1.Aathreyapuram Pootharekulu

1 SweetsPootharekulu is not just sweet for us. It is an emotion. Coming from a small town, Aathreyapuram in East-Godavari, this sweet has everything that makes our bellies happy. Made with flaky and wafer-thin layers, the sweet is loaded with loads of jaggery/sugar and a generous amount of ghee. You also find quite a few variants in this sweet, the most famous being the Dry Fruit Pootarekhulu. So yum!

2.Kathipudi Karakajjam

2 SweetsIf Kathipudi is famous for any food, it has to be Karakajjam. Made with Boondi, this sweet-dish is usually prepared during festivals or as an offering to God. Boondi is mixed with a thick sugar syrup made with jaggery and sugar. It is then set in several shapes and consumed once the syrup is cooled down. Crunchy, and sweet this dish has flavour in every bite.

3.Mukkamala Pappu Chekkalu

3 SweetsPappu Chekkalu or Rice Crackers is a very famous savoury dish in Andhra Pradesh. It takes it origin from a tiny place in the Godavari, Mukkamala, hence the name. This savoury dish is prepared with rice/rice flour and some spices. Some people also make it with chana dal/split dal. Very light on the stomach, this is a great tea-time snack option.

4.Mamidada Maamidi Taandra

4 SweetsMango lovers, this sweet or candy is a delight to you all. Coming from Mamidada, Maamidi Taandra is a very famous Mango based dessert in the Telugu speaking states. It is basically a jelly made with Mango pulp and sugar. Maamidi Taandra or Aam Papad is a great way to relish the Mango season.

5.Konaseema Kodi Pulao

5 SweetsIf Hyderabad has its iconic Hyderabadi biryani, so does Andhra. Konaseema Kodi Pulao is the Godavari’s version of biryani. Spicy, flavourful and loaded with herbs, this Pulao is something which everyone raves about. Also, coconut milk is added to this dish, which makes it different from other pulaos.

6.Bobbarlanka Kobbari Undalu

6 SweetsKobbari Undalu takes their origin from Bobbarlanka and people fondly call it Kobbari Louz. A coconut-based dessert; this sweet is made with grated coconut and jaggery and topped with dry fruits. The shelf life of this sweet is rather less as it is made with fresh coconut and tends to rot very easily. So, try it to consume it as soon as you make it our purchase it.

7.Mandapeta Bellam Gavvalu

7 SweetsFrom a small and quaint village Mandapeta comes this rather delicious sweet Bellam Gavvalu. The sweet is made with a mixture of rice flour and milk. The dough prepared is rolled into the shape of gavvalu (shells) and then deep-fried in oil or ghee. Once they are cooled down, they are rolled in sweet syrup made with jaggery. Full off goodness and rich ghee, this sweet highly recommended.

8.Bendapudi Bellam Jeelu

8 SweetsBendapudi is famous for an interesting food item called Bellam Jeelu. It is candy or toffee-like food item which is everyone’s favourite, especially the kids love it. So, Jeelu (Jeedi for singular) is made by melting the jaggery in water. The jaggery is then allowed to cool down and once it is, it is hardened and the jaggery is then cut into tiny cubes resembling a candy. They are also sometimes rolled in Til or Nuvvulu, known as the Nuvvula Jeedi.

9.Annavaram Prasadam

9 SweetsHow can we not speak of Annavaram Prasadam when we speak of Godavari food?. Annavaram Satyanarayana Swamy temple is famous for its grandeur and beauty but what certainly stands out the most is the Prasadam (Offering made to the god). Annavaram Prasadam is one of its kinds and is an absolute flavour-bomb on your palate Made with wheat and jaggery, we just cannot get over its taste and flavour.

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