Traditional Coastal Andhra Delicacies Which Should Not Be Missed

Contributed by Navya C

Coastal Andhra is one region which has amazing range of food –whether it is snacks, main meal or sweets. There is a rich background of tradition along with new flavours added to give it a brilliant result. The foods of Coastal Andhra are widely loved by not just Indians but also all over the world. These foods are not just rich in quality and also bring about a healthy approach towards life as well. Here, we bring some of those exclusive coastal delicacies which we cannot afford to miss!

1. Dibba Rotte-Thene Paanakam- From Godavari Area:

Traditional Andhra Coastal Delicacies

Kick start your day with this heavy breakfast which is high on protein and taste. Made from thick idly dough, the dash of sweet serving is quite a delight. This dish is exclusive only to Godavari regions for the indigenous touch.

2. Pulasa Iguru- From Godavari Regions:

Traditional Andhra Coastal Delicacies

Pulasa is supposed to be a rare and expensive fish which is caught only in certain monsoon regions from the sea. The fish is so tasty that the demand skyrockets when they are caught! The Godavari people bring a beautiful touch of gravy to this fish and served with steaming hot rice- heaven is somewhere nearby for sure!

3. Panasa Pottu Koora- Godavari Region:

Traditional Andhra Coastal Delicacies

This traditional dish is a compulsory add to every happy occasion servings in Godavari areas. Made from the extracts of jackfruit, the curry gets an additional touch of local spices to give it an amazing flavor. Add a lavish layer of ghee topping to this and rest is brilliant.

4. Kandha Bacchali Koora- Godavari Region:

Traditional Andhra Coastal Delicacies

Another traditional Godavari cuisine which also has a tinge of sweetness mixed with sourness to it. Godavari people love to add a dash of sweetness to every preparation they make and it is an added speciality. This curry is high in nutrients because of the carbohydrates from the root vegetable along with leafy vegetable as well.A perfect option for all those vegetarians out there!

5. Pootharekulu- From Athreyapuram:

Traditional Andhra Coastal Delicacies

This white layered sweet is an absolute delight to have at any time of the day. It comes in varied stuffing such as white sugar, jiggery, dry fruits and what not? The brilliant sweet is delicately diced with lots of ghee and making it an added advantage. This sweet is amazingly filling to the stomach as well.

6. Pullatlu –From Rajahmundry :

Traditional Andhra Coastal Delicacies

Made from buttermilk mixed with rava dosa dough, this is a sheet delight. The hot and crispy version of dosa also comes up with additional green chilli, onions, and cashew for the rich feel. This dish goes almost perfectly well with every homemade chutney or pickle.

These are just some of those wonderful delicacies which titillate our tastebuds for the sublime taste they offer.

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