No Chance Of Asking ‘Government’ Spelling To A Traffic Cop Tonight If You Are Caught Drunk Driving


New year eve, liquor, traffic police drunk and drive ee moodu vaana kalam varadalla, enda kalam chematala, chalikalam lo manchu la veedadiya leni combination. Every year lage ee new year ki kuda mana traffic police lu, crime police la new year restrictions vachayi.

So my dear party goers before heading into a celebrations, please go through restrictions and rules issued by Hyderabad Police. Ikkada most worry thing enti ante ‘Raadhu’ boy chesi doriki miku government spelling vaccha ani adige antha freedom ledu if you’re drive vehicle after drunk then you’ll jailed directly without any questions and formalities to follow anta.

Here are some imposed restrictions and other traffic rules to follow:

1. You’ll be directly jailed if you caught drunk and drive till 5 Am in the morning.

New Year Traffic Rules

2. Also, flyovers will be closed for traffic and only airport goers will be allowed on PVR express highway to reach airport.

New Year Traffic Rules

3. Necklace road and Tank Bund will remain closed.

New Year Traffic Rules

“Vehicular traffic will be restricted entry on the NTR Marg, Necklace Road, and Upper Tank Bund on December 31 till early morning of January 1”.

4. Mint compound lane adjacent to Secretariat will be closed for general vehicular traffic and Vehicular traffic coming from Secunderabad will be diverted at the Sailing Club towards Kavadiguda crossroads, Lower Tank Bund, Katta Maisamma Temple.

New Year Traffic Rules

5. NO ORR Drive for light vehicles.

New Year Traffic Rules

Light motor vehicles and passenger vehicles will not be allowed on the Outer Ring Road while medium and heavy goods vehicles are allowed entry.

Along with this traffic police released this year traffic violations and drunk drive cases.

The data reveals that till December 15, 2018, about 5,307 offenders were jailed compared to 3,965 in 2017. Similarly, the number of convictions also increased to 26,937 in 2018 compared to 17,983 in 2017.

                                         Party Responsibly To Night,
                  Do Not Involve any criminal activities… ! Happy New Year Folks !