A Female Traffic Constable Almost Gets Killed While Trying To Stop Traffic Violaters..!!


In a shocking series of photographs released today by a Facebook user by name, Pintu Dubey, it is seen that a woman traffic constable got thrown out of balance by a speeding moped. The constable can be seen trying to stop a two men driving a moped on account of not wearing helmets on the VVIP road in Ranchi. A female police officer had signalled them to stop, but they were trying to dodge past her without stopping. While crossing the policewoman, she grabbed the back of the scooter and tried to stop them. But the duo still went on accelerating the scooter.

The lady tried her best to stop them, but could not control the scooty as it went on speeding. Unable to keep her balance, she fell straight on the road.

Below Is The Series Of Events As Unfolded :






We urge you guys to please follow traffic rules and not to resort to such unnecessary measures and put yourself and those involved in harm’s way.

( Source : Logical Indian )
( Pictures Source : Pintu Dubey )

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