Tragic Story Of Nambi Narayanan: The ISRO Scientist Who Was Jailed For False Allegations Of Selling Info To Pak

Rocketry: The Nambi Effect, ee movie OTT release aiyyaka word of mouth valla attention occhindi. Before OTT release theaters lo release aindi kani ekkuvaga adaledu…but OTT lo andaru chusthu positive reviews share chestunte movie enta ani chusaka Nambi Narayanan garu face chesina tragedy, tortures ki tears occhesayi. ISRO scientist ga untu India ki chala contribute chesina Nambi Narayanan ni enduku arrest chesaru? Ayana meedha occhina allegations enti? Ayana jail lo untu face chesina tragedy and ayana family face chesina tragedy ippudu teluskundham padandi.

The Tragic Story Of Nambi Narayanan: The ISRO Scientist Who Jailed, Tortured For False Allegations Of Selling Info To Pak

1. In 1966, Nambi Narayanan got selected for ISRO as a technical assistant at the Thumba Equatorial Rocket Launching Station . Nambi applied for a NASA fellowship in 1969 & completed his master’s program in chemical rocket propulsion

2.. NASA offered a job with a huge package to Nambi after his command and liquid propulsion thesis experiments. But, Nambi rejected the offer as he wanted to return to ISRO and make rockets

3. Nambi succeeded in making rockets with liquid propulsion. However, found it difficult to test since there was no equipment to test rockets made of liquid propulsion

4. To learn advanced rocket engines, Nambi convinced Vikram Sarabhai who was the ISRO chairman then, and moved to the France Space Agency along with 50 ISRO scientists. Nambi and 52 ISRO scientists developed India’s first liquid-fuelled rocket engine in 1970 and tested it successfully in France.

5. Disappointed by Vikram Sarabhai’s death in 1971, Nambi worked extensively for India’s liquid-fuelled rocket engines till the 1980s.

6. Unfortunately, an inquiry was called On Nambi for an allegation of tender manipulation by Narayanan with Pakistan spies. On 30th November 1994, Narayanan was arrested as part of an investigation of alleged espionage

“Narayanan and his Colleague had received money for transferring drawings and documents of rocket engines to two Maldivian women who were suspected to be spies”

7. Nambi spent in jail for 50 days, tortured by Kerala police to commit a crime he never did and got released upon a bail. In 1998, the Supreme Court closed the case on Nambi saying the allegations were false.

8. In 2001, the NHRC ordered the government of Kerala to pay him a compensation of ₹ 1 crore. The Kerala High Court ordered a compensation amount of Rs 10 lakhs to be paid to Nambi Narayanan based on an appeal from NHRC India in September 2012

9. Nambi Narayanan was awarded Padma Bhushan in 2019. His story was made as a biopic titled ‘The Rocketry: Nambi Effect’, by actor R Madhavan who played the role of Nambi and also directed the movie

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