Mutton Marag To Kunafa: List Of Trending Foods In Hyderabad & Where To Try Them

Mutton Marag To Kunafa: List Of Trending Foods In Hyderabad & Where To Try Them

Hyderabad is a global food place that is ideal for all kinds of cuisines in the world. From Indian, Mughlai, North Indian, and South Indian to Arabic, Italian, Mexican, and Asian any cuisine and any food is available in Hyderabad. Hyderbadis are basically food lovers. Hyderabadis love their authentic Hyderabadi dishes and they adapt all other foods around the globe if they are good.

Here are some foods that are happening the most and trending everywhere from reels to Youtube. Hyderabadis are going crazy about these foods and dishes nowadays…here are a few of them and you need to try them if you haven’t tasted them yet.

1. Mutton Marag

Hyderabadis are going crazy for Mutton Marag, the hot-piping delicious mutton delicacy, and soup of Hyderabad. We get to taste this delicacy usually in Hyderabadi Shaadis and here are a few places that serve amazing Marag.

Where To Try:

Hotel Sohail At Malakpet
Biryaniwala & Co At Banjara Hills
Pista House All Branches

2. Nalli Gosht Biryani

Biryani with chicken leg pieces is a match made in heaven. But Hyderabadis prefer and like to eat Biryani with Mutton Nallis nowadays. Nalli Gosht Biryani is trending everywhere in Hyderabad.

Where To Try:

Peshawar Restaurant At Lakdikapool
Krishnapatnam At Jubilee Hills
Anna Native At Sainikpuri

3. Kabsa Laham

Kabsa Laham, another flavored rice in Mandi, is the most happening dish in Hyderabad. Here are a few places to try Kabsa Laham in Hyderabad.

Spice 6, Banjara Hills
All Branches Of Mandi King
4 Seasons, Tolichowki

4. Zafrani Biryani & Chai

Hyderabadis are nowadays obsessed with Zafrani as many Hyderabadi restaurants introduce Zafrani coated Biryanis, Zafrani dishes, and even chai.

Where To Try:

Shahi Dastarkhwan At Lakdikapool
The Nawabs Gachibowli
All Branches Of Pista House

5. Shahi Dood Malai

The Hyderabadi-style dessert made with Mulberry and condensed milk is trending in Hyderabad. And here are must-visit places to try amazing Shahi Dood Malai.

Where To Try:
Milan Juice Center At Charminar
International Juice Center At Mehdipatnam

6. Ghee Karam Idli

Coming to tiffins and breakfast, Hyderabadis are craving for Ghee Karam Idlis and Dosas nowadays. Here are handpicked places to try Ghee Karam Idli in the town.

Varalakshmi Tiffins, DLF
Panchakattu Doss, Madhapur & Jubilee Hills
Idly Dotcom Madhapur

7.  Kunafa

Kunafa is the most happening dessert in Hyderabad. This sweet delicacy from the Middle East is winning the hearts of Hyderabadis with its amazing taste.

Gourmet Baklava, Banjara Hills
The Kunafa Station, Tolichowki

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