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11 Trending Skills You Require From The Year 2021

skills required in 2021

Being a new decade, there are some significant changes of skills which are in demand, compared to the previous decade of hiring qualifications. Companies do not expect the same old textbook skills of leadership and teamwork. Although those are important, companies also expect a lot more advanced skills from their candidates such as-

Complex problem solving as a skill is using analysis to make decisions and implement solutions. Problems are at the center of what many people do at work every day. Whether you’re solving a problem for a client, supporting those who are solving problems, or discovering new problems to solve, the problems which are put in front of you should be readily solved however complex. This skill is looked for in any job and should be part of your skill set.


Emotional intelligence is a new entrant on the list, but one that ranks fairly high on the priority list. It is the capability of individuals to recognize their own emotions and those of others. If you can manage your emotions to adapt to environments or achieve your goal, you are very likely to succeed in your career and in the workplace. Those high on emotional intelligence can help defuse stress and conflict, and enhance communication to achieve maximum effectiveness at work. It is one of the top required skills in 2020.


Although creativity as a skill is not something out of the blue, it will always be a requirement for those employing. Analytical and logical thinking are not always going to be the only requirements by businesses. Employers will want to hire creative employees because they are the ones who will come up with ideas, big and small, to grow the company. Out-of-the-box thinkers are the ones who come up with ways to apply and invent new technology and create new products and services, which will eventually be in demand.


The ability to use logic and reasoning to evaluate situations is going to become progressively more important in the next few years. Critical thinkers understand that problems aren’t always black and white. They’re able to view a problem from all angles and understand how to analyze and evaluate the information they have, before they make a decision. Though it’s a skill that has always been considered essential, more and more employers everyday will be looking for critical thinking abilities in the candidates they interview.


Every decision made by an employee can have an impact on the entire company. Job applicants who can demonstrate that they know how to identify and evaluate options and then make sound decisions that will positively impact company productivity will be favoured by a hiring manager compared to others. If you’re always on your feet and ready to make a decision for the team it’s definitely a plus point and your skills will be more needed than others.

If you want to succeed in 2020, you have to be or try to be a people’s person. Good communicators, people with empathy and the right tone and body language bode well with people, especially in the workplace. Once you have these qualities the ability to manage people will be much easier. Along with leadership skills, this is what hiring managers look for, because these skills have a direct impact on productivity and morale. Individuals who possess strong people-management skills can help lead teams through workplace transitions and periods of uncertainty.


Technology is ever-changing, and managers want to hire people who are willing to learn. The ability to adapt to change in the workplace is more important than ever. If you are stubborn and unwilling to adapt to even the smallest changes you will have very little or no chance of surviving in one business for a long time, however many skills you possess, even if you’re qualified and well educated.


This has been an age old requirement but is still considered an important and a very obvious skill required by you to work and dwell along with others in a team. Only if you are open and communicate with others, and share opinions will you be able to co-ordinate and make decisions together. You cannot make your own decisions alone, there has to be co-ordination.

Employers want to hire candidates who are comfortable adapting to new technologies. Most jobs require some kind of technical work and hence you should be familiar with the latest technology and devices. No business will give you a one on one teaching session, so one must be prepared and tech savvy. The days when employees could get by without possessing up-to-date technical skills are long gone. Technologies such as autonomous vehicles, digital healthcare sensors, and facile ID recognition, is changing how we work, live, and interact with our peers.


Service orientation is an important skill in 2020 and will be in the future as well because nowadays people are more sensitive to every person’s needs faced especially in the workplace. Service orientation is the ability and desire to anticipate, recognize and meet others’ needs, sometimes even before those needs are articulated. Service-oriented people focus on providing satisfaction and making themselves available to others. Hiring managers look for people who can help others in making important decisions and building the company.


The last thing a company wants is to hire a person who causes conflicts. They would rather hire you if you had the skill of resolving a conflict. Conflict in the workplace can hinder productivity and increase employee turnover rates. Employees who have the ability to work through and move past disagreements are considered more valuable. Even something simple as solving a conflict between two people is counted as a necessary skill today. So you can use this to your advantage.

If you have prepared a good resume and possess all these skills you will be a worthy candidate and at the top of all employers list.

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