Trivikram’s Heroes Never Killed Their Villains


Talking about the matala matrikudu, there is no end. His movies are of total substance. He never uses or used even a word that feels unnecessary. His story telling is also of some substantial standards. His movies have great characters and greater conversations, no doubt! But, what’s more interesting is the way he treats and gives some ethics to his characters. If the villains are those gruesome and cunning planners, Trivikram’s heroes are equally hilarious and witty speakers.

Having directed 7 movies, Trivikram has few ethics for his heroes to follow. While on one side somehow the villains end up getting killed giving a formula ending. But, none of them are actually by the Hero. Yes! NONE. Let’s directly check how he dealt with them.

ATHADU – MALLI SHOOTS HIMSELF1.Trivikram’s Heroes Never Killed Their VillainsConfronting each other in the church, Nandu is given a gun by Satya Narayana Murthy to fight his battle. During the brawl, the gun is picked by Malli and while trying to shoot Nandu, it backfires into his eye because of the marble that gets stuck while the kids were playing with it. VILLAIN KILLED HIMSELF!!

JALSA – DAMODAR REDDY DIES WITH A SUDDEN STROKE2.Trivikram’s Heroes Never Killed Their VillainsTaking Damodar Reddy head on, Sanjay wipes out Reddy’s army sending jitters of fear down his spine. He gets paralyzed with that treatment from Sanjay and ends up on a wheelchair. Once Sanjay kicks that sword inside the road completely, Damodar’s heart paces and stops suddenly ending his life. HE DIED BY HIMSELF!!

KHALEJA – A RELIGIOUS KNIFE FROM THE TREE STRIKES GK4.Trivikram’s Heroes Never Killed Their VillainsAfter the villager’s God (Raju) untangles all the mystery around people dying in their village demolishing GK’s empire, Raju is frustrated with GK and gives back GK the pain he put the villagers through. While expressing his frustration, a religious knife from the tree unwinds itself due to the wind and strikes GK on the neck. GK IS KILLED BY HIMSELF!!

JULAYI – SITARAM KILLS BITTU3.Trivikram’s Heroes Never Killed Their VillainsRavi plays the trick aptly. Throwing the gun next to Bittu and giving him a lead to shoot him in turn, while Sitaram, who is unaware that there aren’t any bullets in the gun, shoots Bittu. BITTU WAS KILLED BY SITARAM!!

S/O SATYAMURTHY – SAMBASIVA RAO DIES IN THE ACCIDENT5.Trivikram’s Heroes Never Killed Their Villains
Veeraswamy, the one behind Devraj, kind of a villain invites his own death by over speeding the red flag and ends his life by himself. HE DIES BY HIMSELF!!

The other films of Trivikram have no competing villains, hence they don’t have the necessity to be killed. Now, we are not sure if this was a co-incidence, because in every situation the Hero had ample opportunity to kill the villain. But, he didn’t. Let’s see if Trivikram has some answer to this. I am pretty sure he would have some reason for doing so.