8 Guruji Trivikram’s Speeches That Teach Everyone The Ever Important Life Lessons

Guruji, happy birthday. Thank you for existing, thank for becoming a writer, thank you for becoming a filmmaker, thank you for making us believe in ourselves through words, thank you for teaching us morals through your writings. Once again happy birthday guruji.

Trivkiram Srinivas speeches >>>> anything in this world. Let’s look at some of our Guruji’s motivating & moral speeches from the past

1. Jeevithani Chadivina Maha Rushi

2. We are blessed to have guruji in our generation

3. The Legendary speech

4. 💥💥💥

5. 🙏🙏🙏

6. Goppolu urike aiporu

7. All in one

8. Devudu

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