True Story Of “ I Am A Lover Also ,Fighter Also” From Allu Arjun’s NSNI

Everyone, for now, are swinging with the patriotic vibes with the release of “ na Peru Surya, na illu India” and the song “ I am a lover also fighter also” is storming everywhere!

Lets check into the real life “ love” stories of our powerful men of INDIA!!

SOWAR RANJIT SINGH AND THE KASHMIRI GIRLTrue StorySowar Ranjit Singh 63 Cavalry an armored regiment and he was sepoy in military units. He was called as Handsome Sikh by all most all of them at the unit and he was young, intelligent officer, who worked to visit sources. At one such incident he visited J&K, and their he found his soulmate who was a beautiful Kashmiri girl. She was a Student,it was their love, at first sight, soon they were madly in love. With trouble in meetings, they compensated it with phone calls. Ranjit took a leave and bought a ring for his love. It was the time where the tenure of Ranjit was to end but however, he took 6 months extension for his love. At the end of this extension, he finally went to meet his love and reassure that he will marry her and they will have a beautiful life together. He was to move on the next day for the posting so there were no tasks assigned to him, he got into the patrol that was moving out of the COB without their awareness. He got off at kangan town he knew what risk he was taking so he enters into the abandoned house and met his love and gave his promise. It was short meet and nothing beyond holding hands happened. Soon there was a crowd outside the house, they accused him for molesting and raping the girl. She came out of the house and proved his innocence but still, the crowd gathered and threatened to kill him. He warned them that he was armed, however, there was one enraged man with axe came forward to kill Ranjit with no option left for self-defense Ranjit shot him. Moving forward there was a huge crowd of 150 members came to kill Ranjit,they started stoning at him, he lost his mobile in the process and thought of firing or using grenades, but withheld this thought because he was aware that it will lead only to the destruction of 4 to 5 people, he was unable to hold the guilt of killing a man out of his self-defense earlier,he remained silent and looked back at his love who was trying hard to get rid of the people holding her. He decided not to cause any more harm to the crowd, and the underneath guilt inside him of killing a man, lead to the action of taking his AK 47 and holding its muzzle on to his forehead, he pressed the trigger. True StoryThat’s how the love of the Indian soldier and Kashmiri girl ended.

SHIVANI VATS AND NAVNEET VATSTrue StoryNavneet was instructor commando wing Belgaum, he met his love Shivani in 1994,Chandigarh through common friends and it was love at first sight.T hey knew that they are going to live the rest of their life’s together being love, and it was 4 long years ,Navneet finally in 1998 travelled all the way in the night to propose Shivani, she instantly accepted his proposal and they married at Arya Samaj with nothing but full of their love aroma at the ceremony . It was going great with their married life and they were blessed with a baby girl. However, in 2003, Navneet took his last breathe while fighting militants to evacuate the Srinagar building. Shivani was broken with the news, every time when Navneet used to leave the home she was in the strong hope that he will return back for sure, but this time it was entirely a heartbroken return of Navneet to home. Shivani, however, she stood strong to keep her promise to Navneet that Shivani and their daughter will live their life’s happily. After a while Shivani started to work as a teacher to the military schools and she was always proud of Navneet and his sacrifice for the country, she still takes his name at least once in every conversation.
These are the real superheroes who tried very hard to succeed their love.

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