Trump May Not Trump….10 Reasons Why..!!

Vaidehi Rawool

The United States of America is soon to go in for the election of its 44th American President. While the two major parties: The Republicans and The Democrats, along with a handful of independent as well as minor party candidates are all set to battle it out during the elections, the whole world has gotten its eyes on Who the next First Man of the U.S of A will be.

Although all of the presidential candidates come across as distinguished and reputable in their own regard, there is one candidate who never fails to catch eyeballs with his bold statements. The social media world and the internet has been taken over by his forthright jabs at various pressing issues of the current times. He is none other than, Donald Trump. The man who very perfectly fits the age old adage, “You can love him, you can hate him but; you just cannot ignore him.” Due to the media and the internet today, his personality has come to be this towering mammoth of today, while he can be called the most popular candidate albeit most of all for the wrong reasons, he also has some major pitfalls to his credit.

Let’s look at some of the reasons as to why did Donald Trump backfire as a person as well as through his twitter account (@realDonalTrump and the subsequent poll).

  1. Highly ill-timed polls


In spite of using twitter to express his opinions so very meticulously, Trump overlooked a very important technicality which caused him to become the laughing stock of the day. He posted a poll to ask his followers their opinion of whether he should go in for or back out of the final Republican presidential debate. As the polls on twitter go, he received the result a stating that he shouldn’t back out 24 hours after him announcing he would be backing out.

2. His live #AskTrump Q&A session.


Donald Trump went in for a live Q&A session on twitter with the hashtag #AskTrump considering that it would be an enthralling session of questions troubling the American mind. The session turned out to be anything but that with most of the twitter users amusing themselves to the fullest.

3. The stands (against minorities) that he takes.

3More often than not, this Republican Candidate has made very prejudiced and almost insulting statements. These sometimes are towards a race or towards a gender and have highly led to him receiving a lot of flak for him.

4. The fact that Twitter will no longer be swung by his ‘Make America Great Again’ Slogans

4Twitterati have time and again taken pleasure in trolling him as well as seeing through his political schemes. Very rarely has someone’s social media account received some major ire like this.

5. Powerful statements.

5Trump’s speeches have been replete with the statements like ‘Make America Great’, ‘Bring the glory back’ and so on. This has been the topic of even more jabs and jokes on twitter.

6. Factual ignorance

6Trump has time and again proved to get his facts wrong and a lot of those so called facts that he mentions in his speech are always found to be false.

7. Media presence

7Trump has done everything from wining and dining the media head honchos to organizing events and getting involved in online scuffles with the big daddies to remain in the limelight. This limelight then has a lot of chances of going sour.

8. No apologies

8Be it his erratic speeches or his blatant disregard and ignorance of the political process or his cornering of the minorities. Never have we ever heard one single apology from him.

9. Political Ignorance and inconsistency

9While he has never really spoken about any actual policies, he’s also been entirely ignorant of his country’s political stance on numerous issues. In addition to the fact he is never really consistent in either his speeches or his off-hand comments.

And Ofcourse there are a hundred other counts on which he might not make it to the top. Well, even if he does, that guy is just a great fodder for entertainment.

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