TS Govt Releases New Liquor Policy & On The Other Hand HYD Cops Release List Of Drunken Drive Cases

Telangana State Government ee year liquor policy ni renew chesindi. Aithe ee year only 12 hours eh untundi first news vacchina as it is last year lage ee year kuda liquor shops morning 10 nundi night 11 varaku open untayi ani excise special chief secretary Somesh Kumar garu announce chesthu mandu babulaki manchi news chepparu.

Ee year liquor policy kosam whopping 41,000 applications vacchayi. Okka applicant ki fees Rs. 1 Lakh (Non refundable) ante only applicants dwara ne Excise Department 400 Crores earn chesindi anamata. Idi ila unte liquor lo konni changes chesthu prices and tax ni hike chesindi Telangana Government.

Mari aa highlights ento once chuseddam…..

Excise Tax*Liquor Shops in GHMC Circle allowed to remain open for 13 hours from 10 AM to 11 PM

*New Liquor Policy Will starts on November 01, 2019 and ends on October 30, 2021 for two years.

*Excise tax would be Rs 1 crore (for two years) for shops in areas having a population of upto 5000

*Rs 1.10 crore for shops in slab ot 5001-50,000 population, Rs 1.20 crore for shops in 50,001 – 1 lakh population

*Rs 1.30 crore for shops in 1,00,001 to 5 lakh population, 1.70 crore for shops in areas having 5,00,001 – 20 lakh

*Rs 2.20 crore for shops in areas having population more than 20 lakh

Druken Drive

Aithe ee liquor policy chusi tempt aiyye gap lo mana Hyderabad Additional Commissioner Anil Kumar garu Till september varaku register aina Drunken Drive cases list release chesaru.

Ee year lo till september varaku only Hyderabad lone 20,414 Drunken Drive cases register aiyyayi ani chepparu. Among 20,414 cases 3823 have been convicted and 1084 driving licenses have been cancelled by court.

Druken DriveSo, my dear folks manaki thage swatantram entha undho…police la ki dorikithe fine pade chances kuda anthe unnayi. Only fines eh kadu permanent ga license cancellation and jail lo ese chances kuda unnayi.

So don’t mix drunk and drive!

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