TVF’s New Sketch ‘Truth or Dare with Dad’ Is Eerily Hilarious And Real AF..!!

Truth or Dare with Dad is a hilarious sketch between father and son…and friend, as they go through a grueling fun game of Truth or Dare. Starring everyone’s favorite from the TVF team, Jitendra Kumar (lovingly known as Jeetu!) enjoy the infomercial as Jeetu teaches his Dad the game and learns many a new thing along the way!

Truth or Dare with Dad is written by Chandan Kumar and directed by Raghav Subbu from Team TVF.

Furlenco, an online furniture rental company has joined hands with TVF for this sketch, which has a passing reference to the brand in its storyline. The brand has also announced its expansion plans in the city amidst a mixed audience including media, first few customers of Furlenco from Pune, TVF Team, Furlenco exec team, Members from Lightbox Venture Capital team and many more.

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