Twitter Rewind 2018 : Presenting You The Top 10 Twitter Hashtags

Inkoka 15 days aithe calendar maripotundi, so we are going to rewind or recall 2018 events, trends, movies, social media buzz and everything with you all. So here we start with this year most hashtag twitter trends in 2018.

Twitter lo some celebrities birthdays or movies unte aa roju topic ni highlight chesthu define hashtags like #Happybirthdaysuperstar or #BharatAneNenu antu use chesthu pette posts gurinchi idea unde untadi. Ala ee year twitter lo most number of times trend aina hastags interestingly list lo half of the hashtag trends mana south India films and telugu films ea unayi.

Have a look at 2018 top 10 twitter ‘#’ in India.

1. #Sarkar

Top 10 Twitter Hashtags of 2018

Murgadas and Vijay cobination lo vachina ee cinema first look poster daggara nundi teaser, trailer, release varaku social media lo main ga twitter hashtags tho chala trend aindi.

2. #Viswasam

Top 10 Twitter Hashtags of 2018

Thala Ajith movies records set cheyadam lo mundu untayi adi youtube lo teaser aina twitter lo tweet aina. Inka teaser kuda release avani ee Ajith movie twittr lo hastags tho dummu doolupindi.

3. #BharatAneNenu

Top 10 Twitter Hashtags of 2018

Bharat Ane Nenu prince and MB combination lo vachina 2nd movie first oath audio teaser nundi after release varaku twitter lo hastags tho large campaign chesadu Bharat.

4. #AravindhaSametha

Top 10 Twitter Hashtags of 2018

Tarak and Trivikram crazy combination lo vachina ee movie kuda begining nundi release, after release talk of the town aipoindi.

5. #Rangasthalam

Top 10 Twitter Hashtags of 2018

Release ki mundu emo kani release taruvatha twitter lo movie is master piece and chiiti babu adhurs antu twitter lo racha racha jargindi.

6. #Kaala

Top 10 Twitter Hashtags of 2018

Kya re setting ha antu Rajini ni out and out mass Kaala character ki janalu mad aipoyaru. Tamil telugu, hindi anni langauages lo ee movie appatlo hot hot ga twitter lo trend aindi.

7. #BiggBossTelugu2

Top 10 Twitter Hashtags of 2018

Show ki ea vidhanga TRP vachindo, twitter lo hashtags kuda aa range lone padayi.

8. #MeToo

Top 10 Twitter Hashtags of 2018

Tanushree datta Nanapatekar mida chesina allegations tho ee #MeToo movement mana India lo anni industries lo chala incidents twitter sakshiga bayatapaddayi.

9. #WhistlePodu

Top 10 Twitter Hashtags of 2018

IPL ante first CSK and CSK fans ea gurthu vastaru, whistle podu antu fans stadiums lo twitter lo chese racha mamulga undadu anduke hastags tho top 9 lo undi.


Top 10 Twitter Hashtags of 2018

And almost decade nundi Indian cricket lovers ni Indians ni T20 format chestunna IPL twitter trends lo undakapothey ela chepandi anduke top 10 lo 10 place lo undi.

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