What Are The Two Types Of People We Come Across In Our Daily Life


Charan Tupurani

Mana chutoo unna manushulu andarini basic ga two categories lo chudochu. Ekadiki vellina, prathi chota ee two category manushulu thappa inkevaru kanipiyaru. Aa categories ento ee situations example ga teesukoni vivaristhuna. Chudandi…

1 At Restaurants

At restaurants we come across only two types of people.

Type 1 : Those who read from left to right i.e name of the dish to cost
Type 2 : Those who read from right to left i. e from cost of dish to name of the dish



At Shopping mall

Type 1 : Who go to shopping mall for shopping
Type 2 : Who go to shopping mall to take pics and upload on social networking sites


3 Whatsapp Users

Type 1 : Who use Whatsapp to chat with others
Type 2 : Who use Whataspp just to see pics and read others statuses


4 News Paper Readers

Type 1 : Those who read the important stuff in the paper
Type 2 : Those who read only the entertainment stuff


5.The Bhasabhimaaanam Bhatch

Type 1 : Those who wish ఆ౦గ్ల  నూతన స౦వత్సర శుభాకాంక్షలు on January 1st
Type 2 : Those who wish “Happy Ugadi” on Telugu new year day



6.The Foodies

Type 1: Just Veg or Non-Veg types
Type 2 : Monday, Thursday, Saturday fastingi types


7.The Master Chef’s

Type 1 : Who knows to cook all the varieties
Type 2 : Who knows to cook only Maggie