Types of Couples On Social Media Platforms


Everyone wants to be in love and to have a perfect partner, who loves and understands them immensely. And most of us get inspired from few couples around us to fallen in love. They are the one who taught us what real love is and shows us the true meaning of a perfect relationship. But it is the hard reality that there are few couples who made us bored with their PDA over social media. Forcibly they made us believe that staying single is the best thing. Let’s have a look at the types of couples we find everyday on social media.

1. Too much PDA couple1types-of-couplesWell, we don’t know what is brewing in their relationship for real, but their PDA on social media platforms is too high. From sharing love related posts on each other walls to photo marathon, they won’t leave any stone unturned to show us that they are deeply in love with each other.

2. The Arguing couple2types-of-couplesWell, sometimes I used to think, they don’t know that there is an option called private chats. They have absolutely no shame about putting each other on blast for the world to see and call each other with dirt names on public posts.

3. The Travel Partners3types-of-couplesThey are interesting couples among all. They are always on traveling and living their dreams. They made us feel jealous for not being like them.

4. The Possessive Couple4types-of-couplesWell, any of the partners in the relationship are too much possessive about other and want them not to talk to anyone. Sometimes, they are even restricted not to like the photograph of any of the mutual friend.

5. The Facebook Love Couple5types-of-couplesThey always ask their partner to like and comment on their photographs before anyone. From post to photograph everything should be under their control.

6. The Breakup and Patch Up couple6types-of-couplesThese are one of the most irritating couples on social media. They quarrel in private but immediately share break up posts and sometimes even block the partner. But within few hours, they again patch up and start to irritate us with their PDA posts.