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8 Types Of Drivers You Come Across On Indian Roads


By Aliza Verani

The Beep Beep!! The Po Po!! The Honk Honk!! Our car drivers, auto drivers, chetak drivers (Trust me they exist!!), Moped drivers (Yes yes, our Cavemen drive too!!), bus drivers, and bikers listen to these incessant sounds the entire day. When these sounds get boring, they fill them up with words which might include, “Tere Baap Ka Road Hai Kya?”, “Aye! Annkhen hai ya button hai?” and other banter…

Wirally brings to you these everyday people through its eyes!! Here are the 8 “Driver Types” you will definitely find on the road, each day..

The “Obsessive Honker” Type :

Mantra: Cause Annoying other drivers is the new shiz!

The “I forget where the Accelerator is without Music” Type :

Mantra: My eyes and ears are so interconnected, that I see what I hear and hear what I see! (Someone call a shrink, we have a hallucination case here!)

The “Close enough to seduce you” Type:

Mantra: I will come so close to your car and hit the break that you get a stroke and I get a good laugh!!


The “Clueless” Type:

Mantra: I know No-Road, so I am going to ask people on the way to show me around and make new friends, instead of using the Maps!!

The “Aggressive” Type:

Mantra: I bottle up all my anger in the day, seal it and keep it aside so that I can unleash the angry dragon on the roads!!

The “Strategic” Type:

Mantra: Its 5pm, lets head North then east, slight south west and towards the round-about and on the parallel road!! Boo-Yeh!! Home it is!!


The “Unplanned” Type:

Mantra: I will stop on the right, then show the indicator and cross over to the left lane!! #MajorCelebrityFeels

The “Prevention is better than cure” Type:

Mantra: I will only drive at 50km/hr. Only less! Nothing More!!

So what’s your “Driver Type”?

Ask, Share and let us know in the comments below!!

Also let us know about the other “everyday people” you want to see through “our eyes”